Nova E replacement suggestion

It seems like people don’t like nova’s current E, so why not just make her E…EMP, its used by ghosts in starcraft 2 and all the stats in starcraft 2 exist in hots, it’s effect would likely be temporary, 5 seconds perhaps, I’m guessing the effect if implemented would be something along the lines of remove 200 energy and all shields from heroes in a radius of 2 units, restore all lost energy and shields after 5 seconds.

I'm no nova main so I don't know how well this would suit her playstyle, but I feel it would atleast be a bit more impactful then her current E


The only problem is that it won’t effect heroes with no energy or shields. like Illidan,, Junkrat, Gazlowe, Murky, or Cho’gall. Or it will have the except opposite and prevent a hero from doing anything of value for 5 seconds like Morales or Deathwing.

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She’d still really suck. Energy heroes like morales and valeera already suck so they aren’t used so nova wouldn’t be used as a counter.

Shield deleting would be strong but she’s still be weak overall since not every hero relies on shields

which would make her have a niche, not saying its the most elegant change but from what ive seen/heard nova is literally just a garbage hanzo, with no niches unique to her unless apparently if you play her in masters.


I do think she struggles a lot to fulfill her own role when other artillery or burst mage can do it better and without needing your entire team to play around you.

I think EMP should just be a Silence, that way her niche can at least be broader


Uhm, not to break it to you, but I think Nova is in good shape, even her E is good. Yeah, maybe it would be awesome if you could select the target to hit with the hologram, maybe pressing again the E button after the hologram has been deployed, simple as that. Or even pressing the E button again to point where to go.

I don’t think she struggles on something in particular, the real challenge with her kit is the positioning: if you know where to put yourself you likely gonna be safe

Her E could be used in various ways, really cool ways: trust me, her E is good as it is. Who plays Nova just have to get some experience with it, that’s all.
In the end, there’s E build, it’s really funny deploying 4 Nova’s hologram and see them destroying a single enemy hero, also it distracts a lot.

I think the current E impacts much more than the EMP idea

Objectively speaking, Nova is not at all in a fine position when in comparison to other heroes in the game.

Hotslogs and heroesprofile rank her as the second lowest win rate hero after Medivh. And that’s for a good reason. She struggles to do significant contribution even in her own niche and suffers from a really outdated kit that simply is out matched by every other hero in the game.

Not saying she’s entirely useless, but in coordinated play she requires your team to play around your strengths too much. Even in QM she struggles when compared to other gankers, poke mages, and/or burst assassins who does her job but better.

Perhaps entirely removing her decoy is not a feasible option nor a favoured one considering it’s sort of iconic, but she indeed needs help. She’s like Zagara; she’s not “fine”. She isn’t literally useless, but she could do a lot better, especially considering she’s the poster child of HotS.


Well, I see your point, and I understand.
Maybe she is not in “that” good shape, as you said. I agree that she needs some help. But I think that replacing her E is just a bad step.

Agree with this. Decoys should stay.

I mean it could still be on her 1

In that case, I think it would be like she got one more ability to use in her kit. Don’t know, it seems off.

I think they should not remove her hologram, she is the first hero who got this (I think it is), so why quit the idea? They should improve the hologram capabilities, or put (or rework) a few spicy talents for it.

her kit really doesn’t seem to work well with the hologram the only utility I can think of that the hologram really has and could be improved on is having vision, apart from that it’s (Im assuming) expected use of being a decoy is pretty easy to see through, and doesnt have any of the added bonuses of samuro’s decoys where you can teleport and actually pose a threat

The only way I could see decoy supported in her kit is if another ability changed so that she can use the vision it gives more, perhaps added damage on snipe with a longer cooldown or something I don't know, but as of right now shes mostly sustain damage with a vision tool which all in all is pretty jank anyways.

Points of perspective my friend.
You can use the hologram to follow and damage Valeera, without letting her cloack, same thing for Zeratul. You can use the hologram to hit enemy heroes with their mount, slowing them down. You can use the hologram on yourself when Nazeebo throw his spiders, and pray that the hologram will catch more of the spiders or some. You can use the hologram to tank incoming abilties of some enemy hero like Li-Ming (Really strong tactic in my opinion), or Blaze charge. You can use the hologram to tank 2 hits of an enemy tower, or spot someone who just got behind the wall with 1 hp, and kill him in the process (happens to me a lot of times). You can use it to put it in the middle of the battle and pray that some enemy hero will make a mistake by clicking the hologram instead of someone else.

You see, there are so many ways to use her decoy, but it just a matter of perspective, a Nova player will understand how useful it is by experience.

I was forgetting about the special use of the hologram: you can use it to help enemy team to farm their mission! Joke