Nothing is more meaningless

…than rank in this game.

After playing every season since release from bronze to diamond it is apparent that rank is attributed to nothing more than a roll of the dice.

How is it possible that players in mid-plat are so poor? Players shouldn’t be able to advance if they can’t land skill shots, don’t know basic draft strategy, or are ignorant of map mechanics.

I think the game is fantastic. It’s a shame Blizzard couldn’t find any competent managers and chose instead to just keep it on life support.

I really do like this game but the playerbase just doesn’t support the kind of intuitive matchmaking that you’d desire for a competitive environment, not unless you want queue times to be tens of minutes long(er than it already is). So you get this hotpot of skill that is the plat-diamond brackets where players can be actively terrible at many aspects of the game but still managed to climb by abusing some kind of system or FotM hero.

I agree the player base is sooo small now that the current mm dont work well at all. It seems to be worse at peak play times too. I think that the player base is way to new to continue with current MMR. I think next season they need to do a MMR reset and go back to 10 matches for placement.

Blizzard, Sorry activision gave up on this game. They do not care about making it or any of the other games better. Look at world of warcraft, that game is about as bad as this one is nowadays.