Nothing Changed, Game Unplayable

I have done nothing different and when I logged in Yesterday the graphics lag became unbearable. I have tried re-installing the game, and working with my graphics drivers. I have used GeForce experience to optimize, and also tried reducing graphics to minimal.

Starcraft and Diablo play fine.

While you use Intel CPU make sure you download latest integrated graphic drivers here:

If you use AMD CPU:

Windows updates doesn’t update integrated graphics some times or just download previous versions which might cause graphic lag to some games.

Last option if neither of these options solve your graphic issues is Windows Reset PC option.

To achieve successful reset all of the data and files should be deleted. If you go for this option make sure you backup important files to USB flash.

From my personal experiences with similar problems I did reset my computer and I didn’t have issues after updated all drivers.

You might download and update all visual c++ redistributable packages.

Like those:


I have the same problem. Reinstalled HOTS and everything.

Hi rhody. A couple of us uninstalled a program call citrix and that solved the problem for us.

oh god, please don’t let that be the issue…but I have a feeling you’re right. Starting a couple of months ago I could not play Warzone without first uninstalling Citrix, but had no problems with HOTS. But I did recently download an update to Citrix…and then my HOTS problems seemed to start around the same time. I use my home computer for work also, so basically that means anytime I want to play, I have to uninstall Citrix and then reinstall when I’m done…guess I’ll just have to quit my job!

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