Not sure if this is intended? -> Valeera


When you hit lvl 16 and get seal fate (for the garrote build), and you’re supposed to get 2 additional combo points whenever you Sinister Strike a silenced target, you will not gain an additional combo point after the second Sinister strike after you Eviscerate, then immediately Sinister strike again. Looks like this -->
Garrote -> Sinister Strike -> Eviscerate -> Sinister Strike (this one does NOT grant an additional combo point even though it should because they are still silenced if you pull the combo off fast enough.) Additionally, if you already have 3 combo points and Garrote -> Eviscerate -> Sinister Strike, you will not gain an additional combo point. (they are still silenced)
Now if this is intended, that’s perfectly fine, but please fix the text of Seal Fate to say : “The FIRST sinister strike against a silenced/stunned target will grant an additional combo point”
If it’s not intended, please fix because this is actually HUGE in terms of how much DPS Garrote build can pull off vs the classic 1 shot ambush build.


Seal Fate gives 2 combo points tho, not 3. And 3 combo points is the max you can have so you can’t get more from spells.


you’re missing the point, the point is that once you garrote -> sinister, you’re supposed to be at 3 combo points.
This does not happen in the situations I explained above.


Hey treeman,

Thanks for the report! Seal Fate at level 16 states that it awards “an additional Combo point”. Is there another situation in which you should gain 2 additional combo points?

In the first scenario you posted, the 1st combo point comes from the initial Garrote with the 2nd and 3rd coming from Sinister Strike/Seal Fate. During the second iteration, Sinister Strike/Seal Fate grants the 1st and 2nd combo point after Eviscerate removes all combo points.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix