Next Hero after Imperius?


Sombra acceptable, mei isnt balanced in overwatch, so we dont need her here unbalanced as well. So its better that she doesnt get released, because every noob is going to play her here.


It should be reaper, or some kind of other heroes use shadows. Because we dont have any hero use shadows in this game.


I think they’re going to wait until Immortal releases and give us the big bad of that game. Whose name I forget.


I pretty sure the big bad of immortal will be [dramtic drumroll]


Well yeah, you’re probably right and that will be an end-game “reveal” lol.

But I think Phlynch was referring to “Skarn”


Well it does say on Diablo immortal website that Skarn wants to resurrect Diablo
so maybe mid or early game reveal.


I’d really like to see a Science vessel from Starcraft. Have it be a specialist type hero or a specialist/support hybrid.

Naturally, It would have some/most of the same abilities it does in Starcraft, such as:

-Defense Matrix
-It was a detector in Starcraft (detects stealth units) so perhaps it could passively do this or be a on use ability with a 15-30 second cooldown (or whatever would be appropriate)
-EMP shockwave: potential heroic ability.


Gabriel Tosh pls :smiley:


Yeah, what’s-his-face.


your next hero is Anduin. There was leaked came out today but got deleted.


Where?? Picture!!! NOW!!!



For novelty’s sake, they should have B.O.B. be a hero and Ashe be the summoned ulti(s).


The leak came out some time ago, and Blizzard made an official statement saying that the character “people are talking about” is still several releases off, and that there are other character releases scheduled before them.

Anduin was basically confirmed to be on his way, but he isn’t coming next.

Link to the official statement: Heroes of the Storm Update - Feb 08, 2019


I would sell my soul to blizzard if they brought Mannoroth into the nexus. I want to play him now x.x


I can’t believe I didn’t notice that.
Very interesting choice of words :thinking:

Grom + Mannoroth pls :sob:


Besides Mal’Ganis we really haven’t gotten much from the Burning Legion yet, so that’s definitely an idea.

I’d gladly have Azshara in here, but being an octopus monster makes her difficult to have on land.


No we NEED another Warcraft hero /s

I would love an OW hero like Moira, but I am good with any SC and/or Diablo hero


Moira support hero is fine i like her but from SC universe im still hard stuck on Tosh to be added my dream come true Assassin hero also here is a good suggestion for another diablo character Leah from Diablo 3 mage hero uses Horadric powers + Diablo inherited powers to fight and her kit to be similar to Jainas but not the same in a way.


I made a CC post for him