Next Hero after Imperius?


Ana was released in September of 2017 and Hanzo was released that December. Hanzo was the last Overwatch hero released.


And Mercy is the best character in the game, so where’s she at. I don’t player Overwatch, so I base that strict on looks :wink:


I’d like to see Symmetra. I like characters who set up an area and try to hold it.
More of a specialist.


That’s a baseless rumor.


Pretty weird for a baseless rumor to be spread by the official sources.


I just love how people still sleeping for an entire year and still hasn’t realized that the word Specialists is gonna be removed sooner or later.


You do realize that doing that would make these characters even bigger pubstompers, with no counter play whatsoever?


I think the goal is to advance all character via reworks, to make them more acceptable on terms with the Overwatch line up or better. It’s just updating things that’s going to prove difficult, to limited creative ideas to apply on acceptable terms. Things that aren’t so difficult to accomplish, that can be made without do much difficulty. Using what we learn from the game maybe one way to combine things, into some new kind of creative though gets repetitive. I mean that’s why we’re here right, to offer a creative support for the advancement of the game, with new creative ideas.

I would like a dodge mechanic, by double pressing the direction. I can’t have this, so I need to think differently. I would also like a parry mechanic, though the game doesn’t support the combat type. What can we do to develop these things, so they game can animate them and bring them to cinematic life? Build a melee character both two handed weapons and shield and weapon character, that offers a skill called parry, animate the character to appear to do this. Then we have what we want, though can’t play it out manually. So we need to think of more ideas, to put people to work. Then in good faith buy some content packs, so they’ll keep doing it for the future of their games.

I could say the next generation of MMO should be controller based skill sets, instead of having 20+ skill bar or holding ctrl or alt to switch between bars. The same thing can be done with controller, though it’s a bit different yes and it’s also going to offer a new way to add story elements. Additionally this opens up questing and guild types, we don’t see in MMOs training new players. Though that’s off topic and very general to the point, so i’ll save it for another post.


On the ptr patch description for Caldeum Complex it mention a cataclysmic force.
Possible foreshadowing of Deathwing being an upcoming hero?


Still a very baseless rumor. The Hero roles remain unchanged. Nothing changes.


most likely an assassin. Black dragons belong to the assassin category


Belial confirmed :smiley:

[varchar(20) ffs] :stuck_out_tongue:


Belial would be cool as well.


HotS needs more dragons and more elves, to go with Belial… but not yet.


Blizzard themselves outright said it was going to happen. How is that in any way baseless?

That’s like saying the upcoming Naga raid in WoW is a baseless rumor.


I’m amazed and insulted at the lack of Bwonsomdi suggestions…


I hate naga. Slimy, scaly, toothy bunch.


And yet you love dragons.


Of course, quid pro quo, we’d be expected a Storm Dragon with the tank role due their breath weapon, a cone of lightning. Vethir is a perfect choice for this, 'cause he fought against the God-King’s goons and the Legion.


Overwatch heroes have ruined the game. No more of them.