New tassadar’s psionic tempest is bugged

Found out in PTR, trying the reworked Tassadar, Psionic storm’s damage increases way more than the stated 10% per tick, it’s more like 25% per tick.
This way getting 2 storms chained (very easy with lvl 7 options) makes the second about 1.5/2 times stronger than already intented. Extreme bug synergy in case lvl 16 W talent is picked / lvl 20 black hole upgrade.

Are you sure it’s not just the frequency of ticks that might confuse you? As with other heroes when it comes to damage over time, its broken down to more instances of individual damage than the tooltip usually says, but in the end math is fine. It’s common that some users mistake it for broken.

Also are two storms intended to overlap in damage output now? Previously with the double storm talent, using one on top of another would only result in constant uninterrupted base damage, allowing you only to cover a larger area with it.

I am sure each tick is increasing way more than 10%, the last crits are not doing 50% more than the first instance, but much more.
Regarding the chained storm damage: i don’t mean they overlap, i only mean than the second storm does not reset the 50% tick damage increased by the first storm, so it has “no charging time”, increasing the effectivness of the second storm. Still works normally for enemies hit for the first time by the second storm.
The fact is: if the damage from the ticks increases for much more than 10%, let’s say 25% just to throw numbers (but i think it’s accurate); after 5 ticks you get 125% bonus instead of the intented 50%, so the second storm has a permanent 2,25x damage instead of 1,5x, which makes the second storm 50% more valuable than already intented as being a “chained” one, as i wrote previously.

Testing from lvl 20, no talents: ticks do the following: 83, 101, 120, 141, 163, 187,
As you can see the damage is not even linear, otherwise you could see a constant difference between 2 consecutive hits, but more likely has a quadratic increase: this is really strange: in Heroes of the storm the damage is almost always added when % bonuses say so, the only exception coming to mind at the moment is fenix W phase bomb which increases by a multiplicative 25% the base damage before considering other talents (lvl 16, 2nd gives extra 15% multiplying it, that’s the rare thing).
So from 81 to 100 (first 2 ticks) is already something around 24% increase.

I hope i explained the issue with enough precision, in case tell me more.