New Samuro glitch


(This is copied from my reddit post)

At some point within the last few patches (I THINK it was the last one), Samuro has been given a massive buff-glitch. The glitch is activated when you “b to completion” a clone back to the hall of storms. At this point, until the real Samuro enters the hall of storms (which happens if you swap to the clone, which would be the point of “b-ing” with a clone), Samuro and all his clones can immediately mount with z. When dismounted, the z will be put on the normal cooldown, but this essentially gives him a variation of of yrel’s Divine Steed talent for free.

While I personally like this added complexity to the character, I am very worried that my account will be banned for “exploiting” this (especially considering the backlash that Kunichan unfairly got from the community). Since being able to “b” with clones was explicitly intentional according to patch notes, this glitch is frequently forced on me, which makes me (1) utilize the glitch, (2) intentionally play the game inefficiently, or (3) stop playing the character until this is fixed.

I simply can’t intentionally lower my team’s chances of winning, and Samuro is pretty much the reason I play this game. Thus, unless it is clear that the HoTS team will fix this, I will exploit it.