NEW MAP: Strand of the Ancients

Hello to all. Hots has maps taken from the original universes, for example, the idea of the Volskaya Industries map is taken from Overwatch.

I propose to consider a map of the Strand of the Ancients from WoW.

The mechanics of the maps and the behavior of Npc will differ from the usual ones, therefore, in order to better understand the following description, you must open the attached map image -

So let’s go. The map is not complicated, you just need to understand how it works, and then put it all together and see all the simplicity and interest. It seems to me that the map turned out to be quite balanced and dynamic.

Map of the Strand of the Ancients is an assault on an enemy fortress.

Each plateau is higher than the previous one, so the “through” abilities will not be able to hit downstream targets.

The mission of the team B for 10 minutes to defend the fortress and the Citadel C, not allowing the team A to destroy it.
Team A starts from a sailing ship at A.
Every 30 seconds, both teams get a +1 level.
The killing of warriors and mercenaries does not bring experience.

After 10 minutes, the teams change sides, and the fortress is restored.
The winner is the team whose fortress by the end of the 20th minute will be more durability.

Every 15 seconds, the minions spawn from Fort F1 and go down the line to the coast to the point (DEF), attacking the enemies along the way.

The task of the team A to destroy all forts F1, F2, F3, F4 and the Citadel C.

If the team A destroys Fort F4 (hereinafter referred to as the same), then the team B from the Citadel C together with the minions starts to spawn one catapult, for the destruction of forts *F4 * and F3 from the Citadel C two catapults are already spawning, and so on.

After the destruction of the fort, the place of destruction turns into a capture point (blue\red ; our\them) according to the type of standard objects, as at the point M0.

If the team A captures the space remaining after the destruction of the fort F, then from there once every 20 seconds the assault catapult will spawn (as on the Strand of the Ancients in WoW). If the B team grabs the point back, the enemy catapults stop spawning there (that is, they don’t spawn there at all). If the team A captures this point again - the catapults will again begin to spawn there every 20 seconds. The point is always active, the only question is who captured it.

If the hero from the A team dies, he, after standard time, is reborn on the sailing ship at A.
Heroes from the B team spawn at B.

There are also mercenaries on the map - the point M2 will spawn as usual, and anyone can capture it, and intercepting the point M0 will summon mercenaries M1 on the boat every 40 seconds, which always move along the trajectory of minions, up to the Citadel C, but, depending on the team, they will attack either one or assaulting the others. For the attacking team A it will be something like an def-attack from behind, and for the team B (if capturing A) - it will be an intensified enemy assault. If the mercenaries M1 are already reaching, and the point M0 has been intercepted and captered-out, these mercenaries will change the hiring side.

Thus, we get a new game mode - assault the fortress.
Leave your comments, we will discuss what and how mechanically.

I ask you only to perceive the map as a new game mechanic, and not to say that, say, the fort should not be a capture point, or that the game should not contain a plateau of different heights (by the way, on other maps the respawn base is also a higher plateau, and, as you may have noticed, straight-path abilities launched from there fly over the heads of enemies).

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:

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