New Hero Suggestions Roster!

  1. Meat Wagon (Undead Siege Hero)
    Trait - Trail of Blight
    Meat WAgon leaves a trail of blight wherever it goes and as a splash damage for 20% of it’s attack. Blight deals 12 damage per second at level 1 and slows by 20% for 1 second. Trail fades after a second or so. Blight damage scales accordingly with level. Basic attacks have siege range. Meat wagon also heals for 12 health per blight damage. Meat WAgon cannot mount.

Q ability - Shunt
Meat WAgon pushes an Abomination corpse filled with gas and a torch in its mouth of the front, exploding it and producing a small amount of knockback for a wide radius. Deals 537 damage. 5 second cooldown.

W ability - Corpse BArricade
MEat Wagon unloads a small pyramidal mound of dead, blockading across the width of a lane for 5 seconds or until it takes 500 damage.

E ability - Clustershot
Meat Wagon unleashes a bola of bones, which stun for .5 seconds and deal 250 damage and then slow for 3.5 seconds any enemies hit.

R1 - Storm of Dead
Meat WAgon unleashes a wicked barrage of dead and bones and abomination corpses that explode upon the enemy. Abominations deal the same as shunt and normal and clusters deal their normal. Lasts 7 seconds. 80 second cooldown.

R2 - Raise Dead
Meat WAgon raises skeletons out of all corpses in a wide radius for 12 seconds. Skeletons behave similarly to the untalented version of those raised by Xul. 95 second cooldown.

Sample Talents:
1 - Biosludge
Blight now slows for an additional 1.5 seconds.

1 - Kickoff
Shunt now produces 145% knockback distance in an even wider radius.

7 - The Dead Travel FAst
Permanently increase Meat WAgons movement speed by 20%

20 - Bag of Bones
All Meat WAgon attacks now contain both blighted corpses and a bola of bones.

20 - Autoraise
MEat Wagon now automatically raises one skeleton every 15 seconds.

20 - Tempest
Storm of Dead now lasts 12 seconds and attacks 25% faster.

Hunter-Killer (Zerg Ranged Assassin):
Zerg hero that starts off as a hydralisk but can switch forms into a lurker form (much like Fenix’s firing modes). Hunter Killer form emits spines at slightly above mid range for 127 damage each and has a high attack speed but relatively little health. Average move speed to start. Lurker form deals 300 damage in a line to all enemies but has a lower attack range and a much lower attack speed, and can only attack while burrowed. Trait would be the forms. Can be activated to burrow/unburrow. Hydralisk form can burrow normally but cannot move. Hydralisk and Lurker cannot mount, obviously.

Q ability - Rapid Fire/Stun
Hydralisk emits 3 spines in rapid succession at the same target. 3 second cooldown.
Lurker form emits one sharp spike right in front of them that deals 125 damage and stuns the target for 1.5 seconds.

W ability - Deflect/Grasp
Hydralisk uses its arms to automatically deflect incoming physical attacks for the next 5 seconds. 2 second cooldown. Lurker impales target with two of its spines, fixing it in place for 1.25 seconds and dealing 250 damage over 2.5 seconds. Medium range for Lurker ability.

E ability - Envenom/Regenerate
As a Lurker, Regenerate 4.5 health every second for 12 seconds. 7 second cooldown. Can only be used while burrowed. As a Hydralisk, cause all basic attacks for the next 7 seconds to also add a damage-over-time effect which deals 27 damage per second for 5 seconds. Cooldown for that is 4 seconds.

R1 ability - SpineStorm
Hydralisk gains 125% attack speed and envenoms all darts for 25 seconds. 100 second cooldown.

R2 ability - I brought a buddy
Lurker form summons a pet Lurker to attack the same targets alongside it. Lasts 45 seconds.

Sample Talents:
1 - Muscular Augments - Hydralisk form gains 45% movement speed.

1 - Grooved Spines - Hydralisk gains 1.5 attack range.

4 - Rapid Regeneration - increase regeneration while burrowed by 2.5 health per second.

7 - Cavernous Assault - Lurker form can move under solid objects while burrowed.

13 - Parry - Hydralisk can now deflect an attack back at the enemy every 4.5 seconds.

13 - Spell Shield - Gain 25% spell armor. 25 second cooldown.

20 - I brought two, Actually! - Lurker now summons a 2 Lurker pet escort for the duration.

Judicator Aldaris(Protoss Ranged Support)
Trait - mini stealth field
All allied units in a small radius from Aldaris remain cloaked although Aldaris is visible. Aldaris cannot mount but has 25% increased movement speed.

Q ability - Stasis Crystal Field - Aldaris fires a bolt that projects a stasis crystal upon any heroes hit and any heroes within a small radius from that target for 5 seconds. 3 second cooldown.

W ability - Recall - Aldaris warps one hero from spawn to his location. 25 second cooldown.

E ability - Guardian Shield - Aldaris projects a telekinetic force field in a wide radius around him and allied units, reducing incoming physical attack damage by 25% for 12 seconds. 10 second cooldown.

R1 - Mass REcall - Aldaris warps all allied heroes from anywhere on the battlefield to his location. 35 second cooldown.

R2 - Enhanced Stealth - Aldaris greatly expands his stealth field permanently.

Sample Talents:
1 - Enhanced Ion Engines - Aldaris permanently gains another 15% movement speed.

4 - Plasma Shielding - Aldaris gains a shield that has 15% of his maximum health and regenerates at 1.2 health per second once out of combat for 4 seconds.

7 - Phase Bombs - Aldaris basic attacks now slow the target by 15% for 5 seconds and splash in a small radius.

16 - Sentry - Aldaris warps in a sentry which has Guardian Shield, the beam attack, and can produce temporary force fields at any location with vision which will then follow the nearest allied units into battle and support them. Lasts 12 seconds.

20 - Glide - Aldaris gains another 20% movement speed and also permanently grants half his movement speed as a benefit to nearby teammates.

20 - Improved Mass REcall - Mass REcalls cooldown is now reduced by 25 seconds.

20 - Binding Orb - Aldaris unleashes a plasma bomb that detonates at the area of the first target hit in a wide radius, dealing 527 damage and stunning and rooting all enemies for 2.5 seconds. 25 second cooldown.

and then I still have high hopes to someday see my idea of a 2-player Fallen Shaman hero enacted for Diablo as well.


friend the idea is excellent and construction too, better characters but I disagree to have a unit only of warcraft symbolizing something and yes we need imposing heroes and classics in the game

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