NEW HERO: Nive Weavewell - Support

Name: Nivi Weavewell
Race: Goblin
Role: Support

Nivi is a girl, a tailoring teacher, her sewing abilities are known throughout Kezan.

Health: 1260 points
Mana: 500 points
Basic attacks inflict 76 units every 1.5 seconds with a large needle-spoke. Radius auto attack 2 meters.

Features: Nicki uses a sewing needle and different threads to open the battle and provide support, opening at almost every level of talent. Threads are on an additional panel (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), and are activated selectively, that is, without recovery time, and in the “selected / not selected” mode. Only one thread can be selected at a time. In high level talents, two threads can be selected at the same time.

The first thread is selected at talent level 1.

In total, Nivi has 30 needles, this stock is replenished when Nivi is next to the allied fort, at a speed of 1 needle per second, or upon returning to base, at a speed of 5 needles per second.

Q - “Needle Eye” - Requires 1 needle. Threads the selected thread into the needle and launches it in the selected direction, piercing all enemies that have fallen at a distance of 6 meters, inflicting 15 damage for every 10% of their current health, and striking with the effect of the selected thread. Requires 20 mana. Recovery 6 seconds.

  • The needle does not return, but starts right through.
  • That is, a launched needle pierces all enemies, causing damage, and a thread threaded next strikes with effect. The base length of the tail is 3 meters. Thus, while the tail of the thread flies through, the opponent gains an effect, and the effect disappears when the tail of the flying thread ends, or when the needle reaches the end of its distance

W - “Let’s patch up” - Requires 1 needle. Restores the selected allied hero within a radius of 3 meters in the form of 35% of the damage taken by him in the last 2.5 seconds. 1 second cast time. The selected thread also imposes its effect (in the case of [1] “Fiery thread” it is 10 units of armor for 3 seconds). Requires 35 mana. Recovery 5 seconds.

E - “Canvas” - Requires 3 needles. In 3 seconds, it installs in a selected place in the selected direction a vertical fabric web with a width of 3 meters. The lifetime of such a wall is 12 seconds, and its margin of safety is 750 units. The canvas prevents passage through, and depending on the chosen thread, it hits the opponents with the corresponding effect when they are close to the canvas, or when they attack the canvas in close combat. Requires 50 mana. Cooldown 12 seconds.

  • The canvas can be installed even inside obstacles, for example, to completely block a narrow passage. But there should be no obstacles between the Nivi and the canvas itself.

D - “Magic coil” - Reduces the cooldown of your next base ability by 70%. Requires 35 mana. Recovery every 10 seconds on a timer, regardless of use.
Passive: The time of the next resurrection of Nivi is reduced by 20% if the basic abilities were applied to opponents or allies at least 50 times. The accumulated bonus is reset at the time of death, or is activated automatically upon reaching 50.

R1 - “Magic Carpet” - Calls a flying carpet to a selected point within a radius of 10 meters. A maximum of 2 allied heroes can climb onto the carpet at a time. Pressing R1 again moves the transport carpet to the indicated point at a speed of 200%. The carpet exists for 6 seconds. Requires 70 mana. Cooldown 90 seconds.

  • If an ally, being on the carpet, presses the Right mouse button in any place, he leaves the carpet. But it can climb onto it again, also in 0.5 seconds.

R2 - “Magical sewing” - Requires 5 needles. Nivi starts sewing at a selected point next to a fabric golem that lasts 20 seconds and, besides auto-attacks, strikes opponents with the effect of the thread that was selected at the time of sewing from which it was created. Golem attacks deal 122 units every 1.5 seconds, and the golem’s safety margin is 1750 units. Golem creation time 6 seconds. Pressing R2 again moves the created golem to the specified point or orders to attack the selected target. If the sewing process was interrupted by moving or taking damage, the ability R2 goes into recharge for 12 seconds. Requires 70 mana. Recovery 90 seconds.


1 level:
a) Active ability - “Fire thread” - Deals 10 points of damage every 0.25 seconds, while passing the tail of the thread to all enemies that come across. Or gives 10 units of armor to an ally for 3 seconds.
b) Active ability - “Ice thread” - Slows affected enemies by 35% for 2 seconds. Or reduces the time of the effects of ally control by 50% for the next 4 seconds after applying W to them.
c) Active ability - “Runic thread” - Extends or resumes the recovery time of basic abilities of affected opponents by 2 seconds. Or decreases by 1 second for allies after applying W.
d) Active ability - “Steel thread” - Ties the affected opponents to an obstacle behind, if it is no further than 2 meters. Binding time 2 seconds. Or gives 150 shield units to an ally for 5 seconds after applying W to him.

  • If the golem R2 was sewn from steel threads, then its strength increases to 2250 units, auto attacks do 15% more damage. The opponent’s binding effect does not work.

4 Level:
a) “Concentration” - Increases flight range Q by 2 meters.
b) “With reserve” - Increases thread tail from Q by 1 meter.
c) “Sewing robe” - Increases Nivi’s health by 10%.

7 Level:
a) “Second pouch” - Increases maximum supply of needles from 30 to 60.
b) “Patch” - After applying W to an ally, an effect in the form of 15 units of armor is applied to him, which reduces the damage received from the next attack by 15%. The patch lasts 30 seconds. Reduces cooldown W from 5 to 2.5 seconds.
c) “Large production” - Reduces the construction time of the canvas E by from 3 to 2 seconds, and extends the time of its existence by 5 seconds. Increases the margin of safety of paintings from 750 to 900 units. Reduces the number of needles needed from 3 to 2 to build the web E.
d) Active ability - “Fire thread” (if selected at level 1, then inactive).
e) Active ability - “Ice thread” (if selected at level 1, then inactive).

10 level:
a) “Magic Carpet”
b) “Magical sewing”

13 level
a) “Magical Warming” - After applying W to an ally, it increases its mana regeneration by 5 units per second for the next 5 seconds.
b) “Speedy recovery” - Reduces the amount of required D bonuses for resurrection from 50 to 35.
c) “Instant embodiment” - If Q has hit at least 3 enemy heroes, E can be applied instantly without the cost of needles and mana for 3 seconds.

  • Thus, the canvases on the battlefield will be something like barriers that favorably change the combat situation in favor of the allies. For example, to fence off the weak side, block the passage and backache, save the allies during the escape, and so on.

d) Active ability - “Arcanite thread” - After starting Q, a loop remains behind the thread, which reduces the healing received by 50% while the enemy is in the loop. The loop lasts 4 seconds. Or makes the selected ally irresistible for 2 seconds after applying W.

  • Arcanite golem attacks reduce healing by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

16 level:
a) “Handyman” - Allows you to simultaneously select two threads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), to add effects from the use of abilities.

  • In this case, the flying tail of the thread for Q will be of two colors, like the two tails of the selected threads.

b) “Serrated knitting needle-spoke” - Increases melee auto-attack damage by 25%.
c) Active ability - “Wood thread” - Increases damage taken by affected enemies with Q by 5% for 5 seconds. Or restores allies 250 additional health when using W.

  • Canvas E from wood thread also increases the damage of incoming or melee attackers by 5% for 5 seconds.

d) Active ability - “Runic thread” (if selected at level 1, then inactive).
e) Active ability - “Steel thread” (if selected at level 1, then inactive).

20 level:
a) R1 - “Chic Carpet” - It lengthens the carpet-plane by 1.5 times, allowing to fit 3 allies. Increases the lifetime of an airplane carpet from 6 to 8 seconds.
b) R2 - “I’m a golem!” - The use of R will be performed on top of the Nivi. Thus, it is placed inside the golem, and now controls it with the right mouse button, as usual. Movement speed increases to 110% (basically 75% for golem). Abilities Q, W, and E cannot be applied. Increases mana cost by 15 units, and the cost of needles by 5 units. Pressing R2 again will blow up the golem, hitting the surrounding enemies within 5 meters with the effect of the thread from which the golem was created. Or threads.

c) “Stretch fabric” - Allows allies to activate an installed canvas to knock opponents on the other side 3 meters back, inflicting 150 damage. The effect for each canvas works no more than once every 3 seconds.
d) Active ability - “Kezan threads” - After activation, the next application Q will create a tail of threads 3 times longer.

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