New Hero - Mannoroth

I have made a rather crude outline for several Heroes based on their uniqueness and familiarity, but more importantly I focused on what they could bring to HotS in general. This thread is about only one of those Heroes. Please note that I did not include specific cooldowns, damage/healing or timers.

New Hero:

Character-specific mount
Appearances include Mannoroth’s basic appearance with Red skin, Green skin, or Black skin. A special skin is Skeletal Mannoroth (from Warlord’s of Draenor, Hellfire Citadel Raid).

Basic attack - a single target melee attack


  1. Fel Fury - Mannoroth rampages, bursting into fel flames and charging forward leaving a trail of fel fire in his wake. Enemy heroes hit or that move through the flames take burn damage. Cooldown is reduced per enemy hero struck by the charge.
  2. Glaive Swipe - Mannoroth swings his Glaive in a wide arc, hitting all enemies and structures in front of him within range.
  3. Wing Flurry - Mannoroth waves his massive wings, dealing damage to nearby enemies and reducing the movement speed of affected enemies for a short duration.
    Trait) Demon Blood - Activate/Deactivate Demonic Blood intensifies Mannoroth’s aggression, causing his basic attacks to hit multiple enemies in an arc in front of him. Each basic attack drains Mannoroth’s mana while Demon Blood is active.

Level 10 Heroics:

  1. Glaive Combo - Mannoroth unleashes a brutal flurry of Glaive thrusts at target enemy or structure in range followed by a massive blast that extends beyond melee range.
  2. Archimonde’s Enforcer - For a short duration, Mannoroth’s damage is increased every time he receives damage from enemy heroes.

Level 20 Talents:

  1. To Fel with You - The massive blast of Mannoroth’s Glaive Combo heroic ability causes fel eruptions. Enemies and structures hit by the blast take burn damage over time. Enemy heroes are also stunned for a short duration.
  2. For the Legion - Mannoroth’s heroic ability Archimonde’s Enforcer has increased duration.
  3. Burning Hatred - Mannoroth’s Fel Fury ability now has 2 charges and increases basic attack speed. Enemy heroes struck by the charge are stunned for a short duration.
  4. Fury of the Pit Lord - Mannoroth’s Demon Blood trait causes all basic attacks to apply burn damage over time while active.

Inspiration for abilities and traits comes from character’s origins. I attempted to make and keep a theme for each character. If necessary, abilities can be deconstructed to a baser form to allow further progression of possible talent trees to achieve the talent listed as an end goal. Example: Fel Fury could be deconstructed so that it starts as only a directional charge. For level 1 talent picks (2 of 3 possible choices) could be: 1) Fel Fury’s cooldown is reduced per enemy hero struck. 2) Enemy heroes struck by Fel Fury take burn damage over time.


Every moba must have a centaur, you can see Warcraft 3, Dota, League, everyone has it, lunara represents the game well, but it would be great to have it because it is part of the Warcraft franchise cycle and few people know about it