NEW HERO: Lil' Blizz - Support (Auto Chess hero)

Sorry if this is a little long. Been playing a lot of auto chess and after listening to “The Instance,” I had this idea. Hopefully it hasn’t been suggested before.

Welcome to the Nexus: Lil’ Blizz!


-A summoner type class. 2/3 mini Heroes champions follow your summoner around. Uses no mana. You start the game with 3 mini heroes and gain the 4th when everyone else gains their ultimate ability, opening up the strongest synergies.

-Staying true to Auto Chess style, Q/W/E/R simply tells the corresponding champion to attack/heal the target.

-Every 30 seconds, your champions “reset,” reviving them and resetting their mana.

-D “rerolls” the champions in each Q/W/E/R “slot.” You get 10 rerolls per level.

-Pressing the number keys 1-4 “Lock” the corresponding slot if you want to keep that hero.

-Having a Diablo and randomly rolling another diablo upgrades your mini Diablo to level 2, increasing health/damage/mana generation rate.

-There is 5 slots on each side of your summoner you can place your mini heroes (so you can create a frontline/backline/sideline). So if you have all 4 tanks, then you may put them in front of you to soak up damage. You can only change their formation in the fountain.

-While in the fountain, you can “Blizz level” up, using 2 charges of your reroll. “Blizzing Up” increases the quality of one of your equipped heroes. You automatically gain a few points towards a new “tier” each time your team levels up.

-Each mini hero has a “synergy bonus” if you have 2 or 4 of the same class.

-For example: Having two tanks makes you and your mini heroes take 10% less damage while having 4 makes you all take 20% less damage. 2 ranged mini heroes gives you and your mini heroes a 20% change to attack twice, 4 ranged mini heroes a 40% chance to attack twice.

-Your mini heroes gain mana from attacking/healing/taking damage and then use their ability at full mana, just like in auto chess style games.

-Level up traits could allow you to build differently each game. One path could increase the chance to get “tank” style mini hero, allowing you to focus on getting the highest level mini heroes. Another path could give bonuses to your mini heroes like, “After using an ability, they take 20% less damage.” or “After using an ability, their mana generation is doubled.” Another possible path could be in mana generation or reduced mana needed to use an ability. Going full into this path would make it so your mini heroes cast their ability immediately but they wouldn’t do a lot of damage and die a lot. Maybe for a support type build?

So what does a typical game look like? You load into the game and you don’t have a healer. Your first three heroes are: Diablo, Ana, and Nova. You lock Ana and use your rerolls, luckily getting a Li Li. So you have Ana, Li Li, and Sonya, whom you put in the front line to tank a little bit.

During laning phase, you place Ana and Li Li on yourself. Ana shoots healing darts at you and Li Li throws healing brews on your laning partner, who has taken damage. Once Ana reaches full mana, she gives you a mini Nano Boost while Li Li does a small Jug of 1,000 cups. Sonya at full mana does her whirlwind so you use her to push the lane.

Late game, you have Ana, Brightwing, Sonya, and Li Li. You got lucky and upgraded Sonya early so you decided to keep her around for some damage and damage soak. Sometimes you even put Brightwing on Sonya to keep her up. When Brightwing is max mana, she jumps to the lowest nearby ally.

With careful building of mini heroes, traits, and a little RNG, you can provide exactly what your team needs.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!