NEW HERO: Bolner - Support

Hello. My name is Dmitriy. I am glad to present you my new hero concept.

Hero: Bolner
Role: Support


Universe: Warcraft
Race: Dwarf


Bolner Hammerbeak - shaman trainer in Stormwind.


Health – 2390 basically hit points
Mana - 500 basically hit points

Basic attack damage - 160 damage every 1.75 seconds with a mace and shield.

\\ Abilities:

[Q] - «Exemption» - Removes the effect of slowing down or immobilizing from itself or from an allied target, and imposes a silence effect for 1 second on opponents located next to the main target in a radius of 2 meters. Radius of application 4.4 meters. Requires 35 mana. Cooldown 10 seconds.

[W] - «Earth Spirits» - Activates a protective field of 3 meters in diameter at a selected location within a radius of 5.5 meters, which has a total shield supply of 715 units, one-dimensionally absorbing damage directed against any allied hero in the area of effect. The lifetime of the protective field is 3 seconds. Requires 60 mana. Cooldown 12 seconds.

  • That is, the shield has a strength of 715 units in the specified area, and is spent regardless of the number of allied heroes there, but depending on the damage they receive.

[E] - «Storm» - Gathers clouds at a specified location on the map, and inflicts 117 points of damage once a second for 3 seconds to all enemies located there in the area of 3 meters. Requires 50 mana. Cooldown 14 seconds.

[D] - The ability is selected at level 1 talent.

[R1] - «Core Bugle» - The shaman creates a bugle in the indicated place, which climbs out from under the ground. All allied heroes can use the bugle to empower their weapons with the power of the bowels, increasing melee damage by 20% for 10 seconds, or 3 seconds after the start of the first autoattack, and also applying the effect of periodic damage to the enemy with each hit, dealing 133 units in 5 seconds. The effect stacks. The Bugle exists for 5 seconds. Radius of application 4.4 meters. Requires 80 mana. Cooldown 100 seconds.

[R2] - «Wind Totem» - The shaman places a wind totem at the indicated location, which increases the spell casting speed of all allied heroes within a radius of 6 meters around the totem by 200% for 5 seconds. Also, for the duration of the action, the time to restore the basic abilities of allied heroes in the area of effect decreases by 30%. Radius of application 2.2 meters. Requires 50 mana. Cooldown 90 seconds.

  • That is, if the spell flies 1 second, then next to the totem it will reach the target in 0.3 seconds.

  • That is, if an ability over an area is applied in 5 seconds, it will apply in 1.6 seconds. Guldan’s meteor shower, Jaina’s blizzard, etc.

  • The ability only affects “magic” spells, or rather, the speed of their interaction with space. That is, the ability will not accelerate the throw of the Greymane cocktail because the cocktail is thrown by hand, but will increase the flight speed of the Jaina frostbolt, because the frostbolt has a magical nature of flight.

  • The ability also reduces activation time of abilities, preventing enemy heroes from leaving.

  • From the point of view of animation, accelerated abilities fly as if foggy stretching, frame by frame follows with a plume, gliding.

\\ Talents:

— 1 level

1) [D] - «Downwind» - The shaman appeals to the spirits of air, and they throw up him in the indicated direction at a distance of 8 meters. You can overcome obstacles. Requires 50 mana. Recovery 50 seconds.

2) [D] - «Wind of Change» - Creates a whirlwind around the shaman within a radius of 3 meters, which once every 0.5 seconds slowing the time of the already cooldowning basic abilities of caught enemy heroes by 0.6 seconds. The lifetime of the whirlwind is 2 seconds. Requires 60 mana. Cooldown 60 seconds.

3) [D] - «Eagle Eyesight» - After clicking, the viewing radius increases by 10% every 1 second, up to 50%. Reveals the location of hidden objects and characters. Requires 30 mana. Cooldown 70 seconds.

4) [D] - «Rebirth» - Reduces resurrection time by 1% until the end of the match for each globe of regeneration, up to 15%. After collecting 25 globes, the ability can be applied to instantly resurrect, but then the accumulated bonus will be reset to zero.

— 4 level

1) «Shaman’s Shield» - Gives the shaman 25 units of shield once per second, up to 150 units. With each level, the maximum shield stock is increased by 10 units.

  • Accumulation is not interrupted. Thus, the shaman constantly absorbs a small part of the damage.

2) «Shaman’s Mace» - Basic attacks slow enemies by 15% and reduce the power of their abilities by 12% for 1.5 seconds

3) «Tribal Training» - Increases riding speed by 15%.

— 7 level

1) Active ability - «Lightning Discharges» - When activated, makes the following auto-attacks remote within a radius of 4.4 meters, dealing lightning damage. Action time 4 seconds. Requires 50 mana. Cooldown 45 seconds.

2) «Ancient Currents» - Increases shield radius [W] by 0.5 meters, duration by 0.5 seconds, and increases its durability by 15%.

3) «Windstorm» - Allows you to move the “Storm” [E] by repeated clicking at the specified point with a speed of 1 meter per second. Increases the duration of a storm by 1 second.

— 10 level

1) [R1] - «Core Bugle» - The ability description is at the beginning of the document.

2) [R2] - «Wind Totem» - The ability description is at the beginning of the document.

— 13 level

1) «Cover» - Applying [Q] to an allied hero in the area of effect [W] will give all allies in the area of effect [W] 20 units of armor for 3.5 seconds after completion of the action [W]. Increases silence radius from [Q] to enemies by 0.5 meters.

2) «Union» - If the enemy is within range [W], then the ability [E] deals 75% more damage and slows it by 15%. The slow effect is combined with other slow effects.

3) «Scooping Kinetics» - Each 3 auto-attack heals a shaman for 225 health and give him 15 mana points.

4) «Reload» - Each auto attack reduces cooldown of basic abilities by 15%. Increases auto attack speed to 1.5 seconds.

— 16 level

1) «Spiritual Freedom» - Allows the use of the ability [Q] at any distance, and even at the time of death. At death time, the cooldown of [Q] is increased by 20 seconds.

2) «Memory of Spirits» - Allows repeatedly pressing [W] to stretch the scope [W], moving the edge at a speed of 2 meters per second to the specified point.

  • The stretch effect is similar to a brush stroke, from a round point to a round line, as an example- ( ) > (______)

3) «Filling Shower» - Allies in range [E] replenish 15 mana per second.

— 20 level

1) [R1^] - «Forge» - Extends the life of the bugle by 10 seconds, and reduces the cooldown of the ability by 10 seconds.

2) [R2^] - «Typhoon» - Increases the radius of the totem of the wind by 5 meters. Reduces the cooldown of the ability by 15 seconds.

2) «Astral Recall» - The ability to return to base [B] applies 75% faster and replenish 30% more health and mana.

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:

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