New Hero - Baal

This is a crude outline for the hero Baal. I had a much harder time with Baal than the others, so I highly encourage anyone interested to suggest changes or create their own version. If you like this version, leave a like.

Melee Assassin
Character-specific mount
Appearances - normal skins of varying colors such as Grey, Brown, Black, Red, etc.

Basic Attack - single target melee attack


  1. Festering Appendage - Baal summons tentacles from the ground at target location that strike at enemies and structures (single target only). It provides minimal sight and lasts until expired or killed.
  2. Incineration Nova - A nova of fireballs explodes from Baal dealing damage to enemies and structures.
  3. Curse their Defenses - Baal lashes out with an aggressive melee attack. Enemies struck take damage and suffer a reduction of armor and spell armor for a short period.
    Trait) Their Life for Me - Activate Baal’s basic attacks steal life from enemy heroes for a short duration.

Level 10 Heroics:

  1. Relentless Assault - Baal’s lust for destruction briefly emboldens him. While Relentless Assault is activate, every 5 seconds that Baal is in combat his basic attack damage is increased. Every 1 second out of combat reduces any damage bonus. Damage reset to normal after Relentless Assault’s timer is finished.
  2. Hoarfrost - Baal blasts a wave of cold in front of him, dealing damage to enemies and structures. Enemy heroes struck are also knocked back and slowed.

Level 20 Talents:

  1. Lord of Destruction - Baal’s lust to wreak havoc will not be satiated. Baal’s Relentless Assault heroic ability increases his damage every 1 second while in combat, with no more loss incurred. This damage bonus is not immediately lost upon Relentless Assault’s timer expiration. It is lost over a short duration afterwards.
  2. The Ninth Circle of Hell - Baal’s Hoarfrost heroic ability does increased damage and travels faster. Enemy heroes struck are now rooted instead of slowed.
  3. Vile Effigy - Activate Baal creates an exact clone of himself. The clone seeks out the nearest visible enemy hero or structure (priority on heroes) and begins to deal melee damage. The clone will start with the same amount of health as the real Baal (including health lost - if Baal only has 50% health when Vile Effigy is used, the clone will only have 50% as well). The clone takes increased damage. The clone will break down and dissolve if still alive after a set amount of time.
  4. Mana Rift - Activate Baal creates a tear in the fabric of reality. Any enemy heroes that pass over the rift suffer a loss of mana over time.

Regular Talents:

1a) Four Legs are Faster than Two - Baal’s “mounted” and “un-mounted” movement speed is permanently increased.
1b) Frenzied Appendage - Festering Appendage does increased damage.
1c) Uno, Dos, Tres - Festering Appendage has 3 charges.

4a) Party Favors - Whether they hit a target or not, the fireballs of Incineration Nova explode at the end of their path causing area of effect damage.
4b) Hasten their Demise - (Quest) Hit enemy heroes 50 times with basic attacks. Every hit increases basic attack speed by 0.1%. (Reward) Upon reaching 50 (for a total of a 5% basic attack speed increase), double the bonus up to 10%.
4c) Extended Reach - Baal’s basic attack sweeps, damaging all enemies and structures in front of him within melee range.

7a) Prime Evil - (Quest) Gather 50 regen globes. (Reward) Upon completion, every regen globe obtained henceforth gives Baal the Their Life for Me trait ability buff.
7b) Eyes in the Dark - The visibility of Festering Appendage is increased to half of Baal’s normal vision.
7c) Devastating Speed - Baal is no longer “dismounted” when hit by an opponent.

13a) Something Wicked - When Curse their Defenses successfully hits an enemy hero, for the duration of its effect, Baal receives armor and spell armor equal to the amount the affected hero lost.
13b) Piercing Flames - Incineration Nova’s firballs now pierce the first enemy struck.
13c) Born of the Night - Festering Appendage now stands a high chance of slowing enemy heroes.

16a) Tor’Baalos, Lord of Destruction - Enemy heroes struck by Baal’s Hoarfrost heroic ability now also suffer increased damage from Baal’s basic attacks for a brief duration.
16b) Terror and Hatred cause Destruction - Starting at 50% health, the lower Baal’s health gets, the more damage his basic attack does. He can gain up to a 25% increase in basic attack damage. As health is regained, so too is this bonus lost.
16c) Living in the Shadow - Activate Baal lives in the shadows cast by his brothers. When activated, this ability creates mirror copies of Diablo and Mephisto that last for a short period or until destroyed. These mirrors do not attack. While active, damage done to Baal is reduced and spread to the mirror copies. If there is an actual Diablo and/or Mephisto in your group, these mirrors last 50% longer and can take 20% more damage.

Be sure to show your passion for Heroes of the Storm. We as players may be what decides the future of the game.

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This character should be at the beginning of the game with this promotion of the immortal he makes a big important milestone I highly recommend having a great idea friend