NEW HERO: Archmage Antonidas - Support / Assassin

Hello. My name is Dmitriy. I am glad to present you my new hero concept.

Hero: Antonidas
Role: Support \ Assassin

Universe: Warcraft
Race: Human




Health – 1674 basically hit points.
Мана - 520 basically hit points.

Basic attack damage - Depending on the chosen talent at level 1. If no weapon is selected, auto-attacks are not performed. Antonidas, as a true archmage, has several magic items in stock, and, depending on the case, takes along the necessary equipment.


Antonidas Archmage - one of the most powerful magicians of all time, who once came to Dalaran as an ordinary young man and began his studies with the Kirin Tor. He quickly showed his talent for magic and a sharp mind, for which he was invited to the Order, although then his position in the hierarchy was also the lowest.

In just a few years, Antonidas achieved the title of Archmage and received great respect for his fruitful work. First, he was entrusted with the management of the protective spells of the city, and then invited to the ruling Council, where he quickly became one of the main members.

Many considered Antonidas the true leader of the Kirin Tor, and his wisdom and self-control became the face of the entire Order.

\\ Abilities:

[Q] - «Magic Weapon» - Selected at Talent Level 1.

[W] - «Mantle of the Archmage» - Removes all slowing effects and gives 40 units of spell armor for 2.5 seconds. Requires 30 mana. Cooldown 15 seconds.

  • Mantle Image:

[E] - «Arcane Blink» - Teleports to a specified point within a radius of 5.5 meters and produces an arcane explosion there, inflicting 215 damage to all enemies around itself within a radius of 3 meters, and hitting them with a silent effect for 0.75 seconds. Pressing it again for 3 seconds moves Antonidas to the starting position. Requires 50 mana. Cooldown 10 seconds.

(D) (passive) - «Origin Magic» - Increases mana regeneration by 50% if Antonidas does not take damage for 3 seconds.

[R1] - «Arcane Barrage» - Launches a double enchanting arrow in the chosen direction, which quickly flies a distance of 20 meters and inflicts 316 points of damage to the first enemy on the way, weakening its spell armor by 20 points for 3 seconds. Damage is additionally increased by 2% for each meter of covered distance. Requires 60 mana. Cooldown 12 seconds.

  • During the flight, two dense plasma arrows rotate around each other, flying in a straight line. The ability is a bit of a magical sniper shot, but the long range is offset by possible obstacles. An arrow is an object, and therefore does not pass through obstacles.

  • Picture 1:
    Picture 2:
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[R2] - «Enchantment» - The ability depends on the chosen talent at level 1:

1) If the Arkus Staff is selected, then - «Seal of Arkus» - Creates a rune with a diameter of 2.2 meters on the ground in a selected place within a radius of 4.4 meters, which is activated after 2 seconds, and then exists for 8 seconds. Pressing [R2] again teleports all there staying heroes to Antonidas. The rune disappears if Antonidas moves away from it by more than 20 meters. Requires 50 mana. Cooldown 20 seconds after the end of the rune.

  • Arkus, The Great Staff of Antonidas:

  • For a better understanding, after creating a rune, the player becomes visible boundaries that do not need to go beyond that rune did not disappear.

2) If Arcane Tome and Sword are selected, tghen - «Kirin Tor Phase» - Creates a phase dome with a diameter of 10 meters at a specified location within a radius of 8 meters, which for 5 seconds half-dissolves all obstacles and all creatures in this area. Movement speed in the dome area increased by 30%. Passing through an obstacle, on the contrary, slows down movement by 20%. Pressing again cancels the dome. Does not affect bosses. Requires 70 mana. Cooldown 70 seconds.

  • Thus, if you create a dome somewhere in the forest where the battle takes place, the dome will make all the heroes foggy-transparent, and allow them to pass through each other, as well as through all obstacles at a speed of 130%, leaving behind an animation of foggy loops displacements.

  • During the action of the dome, the heroes do not receive damage, do not receive healing, and cannot use abilities. The dome also removes all existing periodic healing and damage effects from all who enter the dome.

  • The ability can be used both to overcome obstacles and to save allies in the team fight.

  • If the hero is in the place of the obstacle, then after the dome ends this hero moves to the nearest free side.

  • Warriors and mercenaries are also half-dissolved, do not receive and do no damage.

3) If Sorcerer’s Gloves is selected, then «Arcane Blast» - After a delay of 1.5 seconds, it hits a selected target within a radius of 5.5 meters with an arcane blast, inflicting 125 damage and slowing it by 20% for 2 seconds. Each subsequent use of the ability for this purpose increases the damage of the ability by 30%, up to a maximum of 90%. The effect of accumulation on the target lasts 6 seconds and is updated with each use of the ability. Requires 15 / 35 / 55 mana. Cooldown 3 seconds.

\\ Talents:

— 1 level

1) «Arkus Staff» - Deals 119 damage from auto-attacks every 1.75 seconds in a radius of 4.4 meters. Each hit on an enemy hero restores 5 mana.

Activation [Q] increases the damage from the next two attacks by 35%, and increases their range by 1.1 meters. Activation requires 30 mana. Cooldown 15 seconds.

  • During active (Q) the staff starts to glow, and the released charge size increases, and during the flight it is accompanied by energy waves.

2) «Arcane Tome and Sword» - Deals 145 damage from melee attacks every 1.5 seconds and gives Antonidas a shield in the amount of this damage for 5 seconds. The effect stacks, but one such shield disappears every 5 seconds.

Activation [Q] explodes the entire active accumulated shield, inflicting 50% of the accumulated shield volume to nearby enemies. Activation requires 35 mana. Cooldown 12 seconds.

  • The effects of the shield are summed up and canceled in batches, that is, if Antonidas created a shield of 145 + 145 + 145 units, and then takes 50 damage, then after 5 seconds he will not lose 145 shields, but will lose -50 units from the first portion, and thus the shield will be like this: 95 + 145 + 145, and after the end of the first action it will be like this: 0 + 145 + 145.

3) «Sorcerer’s Gloves» – Deals 55 units of damage from basic attacks with the arcane spheres in a radius of 5.5 meters every 1.5 seconds.

Activation [Q] within 5 seconds allows you to make “auto-attacks” on a selected allied heroes within a radius of 4.4 meters every 1.5 seconds, healing him for 35% of the damage he received in the last 3 seconds. Activation requires 35 mana. Cooldown 15 seconds.

— 4 level

1) «Legacy of the Archmages» - Increases Antonidas maximum health by 8 until the end of the match for every 1,000 damage dealt to enemy heroes. The bonus is replenished for the previous 3 levels.

2) - [D] - «Alchemical Potion» - When using [D], Antonidas restores 775 health and 75 mana over 5 seconds. Cooldown 120 seconds.

3) - [D] - «Fiery Tincture» - When using [D] throws a flask of fiery liquid into the specified location, which explodes after falling and deals 45 points of damage every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds over an area of 4 meters. Cooldown 70 seconds.

— 7 level

1) «Dissolution» - If Antonidas’s health drops to 10%, he becomes undetectable for 1 second, and then becomes invisible for 3 seconds. It does not occur more than once every 20 seconds.

2) «Burnt Mantle» - During the action [W] nearby enemies take 25 points of damage every 0.25 seconds.

3) «Phase Mantle» - Increases the duration ** [W] by 1 second, but reduces the spell armor bonus to 25 units.

4) «Archimantic Teleportation» - Using [E] during action (W) will increase the explosion [E] by 50%, and damage from it by 25%. After such a teleportation, the duration (W) will be updated.

— 10 level

1) - [R1] - «Arcane Barrage»

2) - [R2] - «Enchantment»

— 13 уровень

1) «Itemist» - Reduces cooldown [Q] by 25%.

2) «Kirin Tor Defensing» - When activated [W] all nearby allied heroes get 15 units of spell armor for 3 seconds.

3) «Time Jump» - An explosion from [E] on an enemy hero reduces the cooldown [E] by 1 second, and the cooldown on ultimate ability by 10%.

— 16 level

1) «Dispel Illusions» - Autoattacks on enemy buildings cause it an additional 30 points of damage. Reduces the duration of the effects of the periodic damage imposed on Antonidas by 30%.

2) «Discipline of Archmage» - Increases the mana regeneration bonus from passive ability (D) to 100%, and also begins to additionally restore 5% health every 1 second when the passive effect (D) is activated.

3) «Subtle Feeling» - Antonidas begins to see twice-good enemies with the stealth effect.

4) «Blink in the Present» - Increases cast range [E] by 2.2 meters, but the ability can no longer be reapplied for return.

— 20 level

1) - [R1^] - «Phase Barrage» - Allows Arcane Barrage to hit up to 3 targets, passing through them, but each subsequent target takes 10% less damage. Reduces cooldown of an ability by 2 seconds.

2) - [R2^] - «Enhanced Enchantment» - After the first use [R2], all of Antonidas’s abilities no longer require mana over the next 6 seconds.

3) «Archemagic» - Increases all damage of Antonidas by 15%.

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:

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