New Hero - Archbishop Lazarus

As a hero concept, I thought if done correctly that Archbishop Lazarus from Diablo 1 would be an interesting hero. This is a crude outline of my idea. Hopefully he could be implemented whether my concept is used or another design which may be better suited.

Archbishop Lazarus
Ranged Assassin
Appearances - Updated variations on his Diablo 1 appearance. A special skin could include an updated version of his Diablo 3 appearance.

Basic Attack - single target ranged fireball attack.


  1. Firewall - Archbishop Lazarus attempts to impede the path of his enemies and burn them with hellfire. A large traversable wall of fire appears at target location. The Archbishop can channel the ability longer for added width and length of the flames. Enemies and structures within the flames are dealt constant damage.
  2. Infernal Machinations - Archbishop Lazarus shoots a single jet of flame in target direction. This ability can be channeled indefinitely, however. While channeled, it will continue to drain mana at a constantly increasing rate. Channeling breaks on movement or insufficient mana.
  3. From Hell’s Heart… - Archbishop Lazarus unleashes a deadly volley of four fireballs at target location.
    Trait) Staff of Lazarus - The Staff of Lazarus has become warped and twisted, fueled by the corrupting darkness within Lazarus. Passive Gain a stack of Insanity whenever Lazarus damages enemy heroes, maximum of 10 stacks. Activate At maximum Insanity, activate to consume all stacks. The next non-heroic ability used by Lazarus has a greatly reduced cooldown. — I could not determine whether Insanity should be gained only upon basic attacks or whenever damage is done. This is the damage done version. It includes damage done from Firewall, if enemy heroes walk into it. —

Talent Tree:

1a) Blazing Blockade - (Quest) Hit enemy heroes 50 times with Firewall. (Reward) Upon achieving 50 hits, Lazarus no longer needs to channel Firewall. It will be cast at its maximum size and will last 50% longer.
1b) I Love the Smell of Napalm - Firewall’s damage increases in proportion to the channeling time.
1c) …I Stab at Thee - Increases the fireball speed of From Hell’s Heart… ability.

4a) Teleport - Activate Consume 10 stacks of Insanity to teleport ahead in targeted direction.
4b) Eternal Flames - Firewall has 2 charges.
4c) Dark Persistence - (Quest) Hit enemy heroes 50 times with basic attacks. (Reward) Increase basic attack speed. Basic attacks now splash to enemies and structures near the target.

7a) Firebombs - The fireballs of From Hell’s Heart… ability explode upon impact, causing area of effect damage.
7b) Binding Staff - When used, the Staff of Lazarus trait slows enemy heroes hit by the next non-heroic ability. This does not stack with other slows.
7c) Mana Shield - Consume all Insanity. For a short duration when the Staff of Lazarus trait is used, Lazarus gains spell armor equal to the amount of Insanity consumed.

Level 10 Heroics:

  1. Throng of Succubi - Archbishop Lazarus summons a group of Succubi for a duration that attack enemy heroes and structures until they expire or are killed. They use Blood Star, a single target ranged attack (see Diablo 1 for references). It is a high-speed projectile that will not splash to nearby enemies.
  2. The Wrath of My Master - Archbishop Lazarus summons a large flame at target location. This flame expands outward to form a ring of fire around a large area. All enemies and structures within the flames receive damage and burn damage over time.

13a) Prime Evil Blessing - Reduces the mana drain of Infernal Machinations while channeling.
13b) Magma Burst - (Quest) Hit enemy heroes 50 times and get 5 kills both by using Infernal Machinations. (Reward) Infernal Machinations now sprays fire in a cone in front of Lazarus. It may still be channeled.
13c) Fallen Zakarum Adherent - Regen globes increase basic attack damage for a short duration, based on the number of Insanity stacks (0.4% per stack).

16a) Infernal Determination - So long as Infernal Machinations is striking an enemy hero, the range of the ability continues to increase while channeled.
16b) Burn, Baby, Burn - All damaging non-heroic abilities and basic attacks apply non-stacking burn damage to enemies affected.
16c) Insane in the Membrane - Maximum Insanity is increased to 25 for the Staff of Lazarus trait.

Level 20 Talents:

  1. All that Awaits You - Archbishop Lazarus’ Throng of Succubi heroic ability summons two named Succubi instead of the group: Red Vex and Black Jade. The Succubi prioritize heroes. They do not expire and will follow Lazarus until they are deceased. Red Vex has increased range as well as increased attack and movement speed. Black Jade does increased damage. Whenever Black Jade is struck, electrical shockwaves blast in all directions from her that damage enemies and structures.
  2. Now You Will Join Him, in Hell - Archbishop Lazarus’ The Wrath of My Master heroic ability has an increased radius. Flames now also form immediately at the edge of the radius. The speed of the inner expansion is increased and does more damage. Anyone within the radius, whether directly in the fire or not, will take burn damage over time.
  3. You Are Too Late - Activate Archbishop Lazarus bursts into flame for a short duration, damaging enemies and structures around him. Enemy heroes affected by the flames pass them on to other nearby enemy heroes. While active, You Are Too Late increases Lazarus’ movement speed for each stack of Insanity (1% per current stack).
  4. Blood Sacrifice - Activate Target enemy hero or allied hero. For a short duration, whenever targeted hero receives damage from any external source, Archbishop Lazarus receives healing and mana.

If you like the idea, like the thread. If you have any suggestions or want to post a complete rework, I encourage you to do so. Show Blizzard your passion for Heroes of the Storm.


this character is essential in the story and at the beginning of the entire franchise it would be a great show to have him in the frame of the game as an example a mr of crows