NEW HERO: Admiral Daelin Proudmoore - Bruiser

Hello. My name is Dmitriy. I am glad to present you my new hero concept.

Hero: Daelin
Role: Bruiser

Universe: Warcraft
Race: Human




Health – 1956 basically hit points.
Strength - maximum stock 100 units.

Basic damage from auto-attacks - 102 units in melee every 1.5 seconds with a saber. Damage from auto-attacks increases by 0.2% for every 1 accumulated unit of Strength.


Admiral Daelin Proudmoore was a gallant warrior with magical abilities in the family, and the commander in chief of the Alliance naval forces. His seafaring nation, Kul Tiras, was the only people with a large navy. Although his ships were considered the best in human kingdoms, he respected the ships of the high elves.

Proudmoore founded the island state of Kul Tiras during the Second War, and Kul Tiras became the main base of the Alliance’s naval forces.

Daelin Proudmoore is the father of Jaina Proudmoore.

\\ Abilities:

[Q] - «Gunshot» - Shots with buckshot, hitting all the first enemies on the way with 134 damage at a distance of 6.6 meters. Cooldown 10 seconds.

Quest: Deal 5400 damage to enemy heroes with [Q].
Reward: Ability [Q] when hit by an enemy hero will begin to give 30 units of Strength for 3 seconds.

  • If another enemy stands behind the enemy, then he will not receive damage from buckshot, because damage will stop by the first enemy. But if the shot is fired from the side, both enemies will take damage, because nothing will prevent it.

  • The affected area has a narrow cone-shaped shape, which gradually expands from 0.1 meters at the point of the shot to 2 meters at a distance of 6.6 meters.

[W] - «Battle Wolf» - Spends 40 units of Strength and restores 20% of his maximum health in 5 seconds. During the duration of the ability, all damage dealt is increased by 10%. Requires 40 units of Strength. Cooldown 12 seconds.

[E] - «Pounce» - Makes a jerk to a specified point at a distance of 4.4 meters. After a jerk, the ability can be reapplied for 3 seconds to swing the saber, inflicting 76 damage to all enemies within a radius of 3.3 meters in front of you. Saber strike damage is increased by 0.4% for every 1 accumulated unit of Strength. Each press requires 15 units of Strength. Cooldown 8 seconds.

  • The ability can also be used to escape, followed by “saber struggle” in the opposite direction.

  • The cooldown starts 1.5 seconds after the first press (jerk), or after the second press (saber swing), if the second press was applied earlier than 1.5 seconds after the first press.

  • Ability cannot be applied during immobilization.

(D) (passive) - «To arms!» - Daelin accumulates 1 unit of Strength for every 17 units of damage caused by auto attacks, as well as 2 units of Strength for every 110 units of damage received. If Daelin does not take and does not cause damage for 4 seconds, the accumulated Strength begins to decline at a speed of 5 units per second.

[R1] - «Flotilla» - After a delay of 2 seconds, he calls in the chosen direction the huge spirit of his naval ship, which goes through a distance of 15 meters, washing away and pushing all enemies on its way back by 5 meters, and inflicting 506 damage once to each of them. Damage from the ship is additionally increased by 0.65% for every 1 accumulated unit of Strength. Requires 50 units of Strength. Cooldown 90 seconds.

  • Picture:

  • The size of the ship is about 8 meters.

  • Repulsion occurs once, that is, the ship does not drag the struck enemies.

[R2] - «Strengthening» - For 15 seconds, increases the durability strength of the selected allied structure by 150%. Does not affect the Citadel. The radius of application is 15 meters. Cooldown 40 seconds.

\\ Talents:

— 1 level

1) «Smoking Gunpowder» - After the shot [Q], powder smoke remains in the affected area for 3.5 seconds, and if a Sweep of the saber [E] touches this powder smoke, a spark occurs and the flash ignites, causing 122 damage to everyone there are opponents.

  • Gunpowder mist takes such a form, which was formed from the “successful” hits with buckshot. That is, since the ability [Q] does not affect all opponents in the field of action, but only the first ones caught in the cone of the shot, accordingly the powder fog will not cover the full initial conical shape. Picture:

2) «Kul Tiras Firmness»

Quest: Block 15,000 damage.
Reward: During the duration of the ability [E], Daelin will receive 5 units of armor for each enemy hero nearby. Choosing this quest stops the damage increasing by 10% during the action [E].

3) «Saber Fencing»

Quest: Amaze with the ability [E] of enemy heroes 30 times.
Reward: After hitting an enemy hero with sweep saber [E] ability, Daelin will parry or dodge all auto-attacks from this hero for 2.5 seconds.

4) Active ability - «Spyglass» - When activated, creates a tunnel of visibility in the specified direction for 30 meters. Moving the cursor changes the viewing direction. Does not look through obstacles and does not inform opponents about this viewing. The duration is 5 seconds, either until the first movement or damage by Daelin. Cooldown 30 seconds.

  • The ability does not reveal the invisibility effect of detected enemies.

— 4 level

1) «Gnomeregan Mechanisms» - Reduces the cooldown [Q] by 4 seconds, but reduces the radius of application by 2.2 meters.

2) «Ironforge Mechanisms» - Increases damage from [Q] by 10%. The ability also stuns affected enemies for 0.75 seconds, but increases the cooldown by 5 seconds.

3) «Hardening» - Increases maximum Strength stock by 25 units.

— 7 level

1) «Salt Powder» - Within 3 seconds, the ability [Q] deals 25% more damage to enemies hit by a saber from the second press of the ability [E].

2) «Warming» - When Daelin accumulates 70 units of Strength, his auto-attacks do 20% more damage over the next 4 seconds. It does not occur more than once every 12 seconds.

3) «Rage» - During action [W], the attack speed increases by 20%.

4) «Quick Amendment» - The ability [W] also, during its action, restores an additional 15% of the damage received in the last 3 seconds before pressing.

— 10 level

1) - [R1] - «Flotilla» - The ability description is at the beginning of the document.

2) - [R2] - «Strengthening» - The ability description is at the beginning of the document.

— 13 level

1) «Concentration» - The accumulated Strength does not disappear with time. The ability [Q] for the completed quest will give not 30, but 40 units of Strength for 3 seconds.

  • This will allow the use [W] or [E] after [Q], and not just [E].

2) «Thrust» - After swinging the saber of the second application [E], the ability can be reapplied for 2 seconds to deliver a piercing blow with a small lunge to the specified direction with damage in the amount of 140% of the basic autoattack damage. Third press [E] requires 10 units of Strength.

  • The cooldown [E] still starts 1.5 seconds after the first pressing, or after the second pressing, if it was applied earlier.

3) «Fighting Character» - The Strength units is accumulated 2 times more efficiently.

— 16 level

1) «Mobilization» - When a health level drops below 25%, Daelin instantly gains 30 units of Strength. It does not occur more than once every 10 seconds.

2) «Giants Crusher» - When the Strength reaches 90 units, auto-attacks on enemy heroes begin to additionally inflict damage in the amount of 1.5% of the maximum health of the target.

3) «Lightweight» - Increases all damage by 6%, but reduces maximum health by 8%.

— 20 level

1) - [R1^] - «Pli!» - Pressing [R1] again orders the ship to launch one simultaneous volley of 4+4 shots on the sides, each of which deals 212 damage to the enemies it hits at a distance of 5.5 meters, and stuns them for 0.5 seconds. Damage from guns increases by 1.4% for every 1 remaining unit of Strength after the first use [R1]. The use of «Pli!» requires 30 units of Strength.

  • The distance between the guns is about 1 meter, and the width of the tunnel of the shot of each gun is 0.3 meters. Thus, only small characters have a chance not to get hit by being on the side of the ship.

2) - [R2^] - «Sea Power» - The effect is replaced by the [Indestructibility] of the selected structure within 6 seconds. Can be applied to the Citadel. Decreases the cooldown of an ability by 8 seconds.

3) «Self-control» - Reduces Strength costs for all abilities by 25%.

  • Reducing the costs of Strength also leads to the fact that the bonus to damage from abilities will last longer.

4) «Last Strike» - After receiving a fatal damage, Daelin after 1.5 seconds can use [E] for 2.5 seconds to make a saber swing twice in radius to cause 250% of the base damage to all enemies ahead, or apply [Q] to make a volley from a gun. The speed of movement in this case drops to 30%.

  • Thus, after receiving a fatal damage, the character becomes immortal for 2.5 seconds, moves at a speed of 30%, and after a short delay he can one time use E-swing, or make Q-shot that takes into account talent improvements.

  • When a talent is triggered, Daelin cannot make auto-attacks.

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