New Aba buff has killed the game and all the underplayed heroes


Now that aba is WAY over tuned, you will not be seeing player like samuro, chen, esc played ever. This is a shame since its literally going to take an entire rework of the heroes that are underplayed to get this game playable again. Good job killing the game even more with these super NON FUN heroes to play against.


You think that’s gross check out the top of the spire in sc2. Yeah unsee that lol


Abathur will need several buffs.


Locust build and mine build do. Though in general I don’t like the concept of mine build


You and Player will not handle carbot animations then.


Abathur has been in a bad spot for awhile. These buffs will help him a ton. Locust build and mine build have been awful and the only thing worth building was hat.

Locust build got a little bit of love this game but the changes with forts and towers and the lack of ammo still make his locust build weak. The change of the deep tunnel to pure damage just made the ult even worse to use.

Edit: just realized that deep tunnel on monstrosity is now a baseline ability for the ult making it far more useful.


You haven’t played Aba right? Just looked at the notes right? Locust build is worse in all aspects.


OP is like HailFail, but somehow even more wrong.


I have a lvl 31 aba on NA and a lvl 19 aba on EU.

nothing really changed? just the removal of the useless suicide locust that blow up and them moving the duration onto the artillery locust at level 13. The carapace now healing everyone if you get network carapace at level 4 is great.


Mine build would only be acceptable if they were visible.
But then they’d have to be buffed a large amount to compensate, and whatever was changed would probably be terrible for melee heroes.


Abathur over the past week has a 40.5% popularity and 50.6% winrate in Masters.

What are you even talking about, OP?

Samuro hasn’t been very popular for a while due to various nerfs that have literally nothing to do with current Abathur.

Chen has been arguably the single worst hero in the game for YEARS. Even with recent changes, his popularity in Masters is terrible (but his winrate is one of the highest, meaning people are probably using him almost exclusively to stomp on Diamond players)

Seriously? Aba is only unfun if you’re at the very lowest levels of play and that’s because people like you just walk into mines practically on purpose, die and then say that Aba is too strong.


Oh look another the sky is falling thread over something so tiny.