Nerf Zuljin Buff Arthas

I play a lot of Arthas and Cassia, and no matter what I do its just impossible to beat Zuljin.
Tazdingo is broken. Zuljin has too much health, scales way too well, and heals, has CC and break CC.

Also…Arthas needs a stun, it is annoying that I can lay a perfect root, and its just Tazdingo no chance. Or Tychus can just stay in place and outgun.

Root needs to Stun. or atleast silence with the immobilize. Thanks.
In sum, Nerf Tazdingo to be a shield (Like Imperius), lower ZJ’s health he should be super squish with his dmg and cc unstoppables.

Buff Arthas, natural 25armor 25spell armor + stuns.
Why is Blizzards most infamous hero garbage.

I guess 60% attack speed reduction past lvl 20 is not good enough against a hero that reley on auto attacks

You’ll be dead before you ever reach 60% attack speed reduction. Even then, Zj’s attackspeed would still be at like 140% when he is 1hp tazdingo…

You being bad on Arthas doesn’t make him a bad hero.

Take the Block Talent at level 1, it replenishes one charge every five seconds. Very handy for extra Anti-AA

Muradin ta super quebrado nos jogos atuais buffaram ele de mais, da pra ganhar dele não fala serio!