Nerf hanzos damage by 2%


Just a simple quality of life change that is needed.


Please explain why darling? He’s high skill cap and isn’t over performing, why is your suggestion warranted?


That’s not a quality of life change.


Pretty self-explanatory he does too much damage, too safe like a better chromie with no weaknesses other than a perfect genji or a unpeeled zeratul.


L2P issue.


:smiley: its like…
Hey, let’s take his full stacked Q which hits for 700 damage and make it 686 damage. Totally will solve the issues Hanzo has. It’s not L2P issue at all… (sarcasm end)


People who are quick to call l2p are insecure kids who takes everything personal. I take it you’re not anywhere close to diamond?

Also l2p what? Never did I say I have trouble facing him.


If you think that hanzo needs nerfs you are not playing this game decently.

It’s like saying that Imperius should have higher mana costs.


I heard there is this place called a Zoo, nice place you might have heard of it


How exactly is playing AGAINST Hanzo l2p issue?

He is long ranged dps. “Just dive him”. Right. Because its 1v1 game and there is no tank(s)/healer between you two. He got enough burst to deal with squishy dive.

I dont think Hanzo needs nerf, he is supposed to be good at what he is supposed to do, but you clearly never played against very good Hanzo. Very good Hanzo is bigger pain in the *** than very good Genji.

Even tho I disagree with this thread, is far more valid than 99% of QQ posted here.


He has to land skillshots in order to do anything and those are also harder to land that common ones, only Kel’thuzad has a higher difficulty in that (because Hanzo is safer while doing so) .
He has a single escape, cought out of position any melee assassin has ways to burst him down and even follow him if needed.


Oh I like those armchair developers’ insight.

Next patchnotes should look like that:

  1. Hanzo now deals 2% less damage.
  2. Uther now heals for 1.5% more.
  3. Murky now has 3% more hp.
  4. Genji is now 5% less annoying.
  5. Diablo is now picked 4% less.
  6. Game is now 14% more fun.



Because he’s really limited and fairly easy to deal with. Demanding a nerf because he’s too strong just means his opponent is failing at playing. His damage is safe, true, but it’s also not very much(compared to similar kits) and is very predictable.

His winrate’s already in the crapper, why does he need to be weaker?


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One thing I think Hanzo could use is to reduce his Q projectile speed. Currently, the “skillshot” is near-impossible to miss, even at long range. Honestly, that would probably reduce his effective damage enough to pull him closer in-line.


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It’s a charged skillshot which is really thin and blocked by minions/tanks, able to penetrate one target if talented for.

If Hanzo is hitting you 100% of the times then kudos to him or either reconsider your movement patterns.


Impossible to miss? maybe if your standing in one place. getting hit by 1 Q (Even seeing it miss) should let you know to move around or target him? Now if someone is good at hitting moving targets consistently, Kudos to them

Also if you running from Hanzo in a straight line…you deserve to die


So what does he get in return?
He’s already a weak hero in every level of play. If you nerf him more he needs something to compensate to even maintain parity’s


Not in every level of play. He pretty strong at the highest levels. Cris himself admitted that. Thats however the point. He is outright OP if played and supported well, but underwhelming if not. It’s the Medivh case.