Need help playing against Hanzo


I always get hit by his storm bow no matter what and it hits like a truck, like almost more than a single Chromie Q. Do I side step it? Do I hide behind minions when playing against him?

I can dodge Chromie’s abilities easy peasy since they are telegraphed. I can dodge every of Ming’s skillshots since they travel so slowly. I can dodge Orphea’s Q which has a delay, KTZ’s chains which the second chain can be juked, and pretty much any skillshot in the game. Even Azmodan’s dunk which has somewhat of a delay. Except Hanzo’s Q, which not only shoots out instantly, but also long range and can be talented to trigger an explosion behind a minion. I can’t even sidestep it because it’s instant cast so no matter where I go he’s going to get an easy hit on me and worse even chase me with it.

I don’t understand why they completely gutted Chromie last year due to having long range poke but left Hanzo completely untouched. I would rather face against Chromie any time of the day. At least she has no mobility, has atrocious PvE, and has a massive delay on her skillshots. But no let’s gut the long range artillery mage but leave a similar hero who has an escape, who has PvE, and who has CC who’s 1000x more annoying to face against completely untouched. At least make him like Varus in LoL where you move slowly when charging up your storm bow allowing for counterplay but no, he can land an easy storm bow on you with zero penalties. Oh and his Q costs a measly TEN mana which is less than any other mana using hero in the game. Comparison wise Nova’s snipe costs FIFTY.

Anyone who doesn’t think he’s OP, he’s one of the most played ranged assassins in competitive games since he’s essentially a better Nova, better Valla, and better Chromie.


a good counter to hanzo is pure dive.

Once he uses his escape he has 2 options

1. Back off and let his one escape Recharge.

2. Risks going back into the fight knowing he may be dived.

basically what i’m saying is bait out the Jump or full on dive him to force him to use his escape.

A great Way to counter Hanzo is Kerrigan.

She can ravange onto him and make him jump and most of the time follow up with another ravange leaving him with no options.


That’s true, but most ranged assassins don’t have the luxury of having an escape. Whereas Hanzo only need to wait for his escape to go back to cooldown another ranged assassin who have been dived on would have already been dead.

That’s the whole problem I have with his design. Make a hero who’s more annoying than Chromie have a reliable escape and PvE as well plus having zero mana costs. He’s the epitome of low risk high reward.


Storm Bow can only hit you from behind minions if he has the explosive arrows talent, even then it does splash damage.


A lot of ranged Assassins have escape and/or ways to sustain themselves

Orphea: Q movement, Stun
Fenix: teleport, slows
Maiev: Her shade
Junkrat: Mine
Genji: Everything (basically)
Cassia: Armor while moving, so she becomes harder to kill while running, self sustain
Zuljin: Root or Movespeed at 13, slow with W
Guldan: Self Sustain/ can ult if needed
Chromie: Bye bye, Stasis, here and there
Tracer: Blink and recall
Li ming: Teleport, knockback
Mephisto: Not much but he can ult with Durance
KTZ: Frost armor, Roots, Slows, Big aoe root ult
Greymane: disenage/stealth, can gain move speed
Lunara: slows, leap
Gall: HAS A TANK ATTACHED TO HIM, slows, Sustain (sustain only with cho’s help)
Kael’thas: Shield, Knockup
Jaina, Constant slows, Roots,
Tychus: dash
Nova: if not attacked or activates ghost protocall gains move speed, slows
Raynor: knockback/slow, Movespeed
Valla: vault, slows, stun
Falastad: Slows, Barrel roll
Probius: Z to escape, has shields
Medivh: Shield, Portal, Bird, time stop
Slyvanas: haunting wave, Unstoppable and movespeed
Azmodan: Can’t think of anything so that one
Zagara: movespeed on creep, Maw
Nazeebo: Ice Block, Expertly placed Zombie Wall
Sgt. hammer: Movespeed on mount, self sustain

There you go, that’s all ranged assassin’s and specialists with their “escapes”
Some thing i mention have to be talented for, but you’ll know if you need it.

And i missed some so there is still a little more to find.


Azmodan has a dash on level 20 now. Never seen anyone picking it though.


I play a little bit of Hanzo and I have found one of his best counters is Zeratul. The guy and pops in and out and there is no escape with this blink.


Hanzo has to channel Storm Bow to get the full range, and he can move while it channels. If you see him sort of sliding around, with his bow at the ready, he is winding up a Storm Bow, and that is when you need to start hiding behind something, or moving unpredictably. As for heroes who counter him, I like Diablo. If he wants to go and stand next to a wall, well, be my guest!



Azmodan has that big booty rush that replaced bolt of the storm at 20. Jaina also has a teleport at 20.


Just play as Imperius. You can Celestial Charge and stun him from 20 feet away.