Need away to mute draft chat toxicity

Need a way to mute all chat in game if we want to. Particularly draft chat is toxic.

Any chat can be toxic if it’s made so. I understand why draft chat remains, as communication is (in theory) vital in a competitive mode. I would agree that every sort of chat should be able to be disabled by parental controls, considering the rating of Hots.

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It is just a game mode, not competitive.

Well, I think the only thing you can do is mute each player individually when the draft starts. But there’s no draft chat mute option.

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I mean that there should be if they add a feature to this game that makes them money every single day.

Being a team game. I don’t think they want to encourage lack of comminucation during draft.

When a guy says “I can’t play tanks” and eveyone does their picks , then wait for the guy to pick a tank because they didn’t read what he wrote. The player isn’t at fault.


I would rather never see the toxicity than benefit from the constructive statements.

Why do you like draft mode if not for the potential to work and communicate as a team?


Honestly, I only ever see toxicity in-game. Rarely on the draft screen.

I only see it in the draft.
I have muted them in the game.

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Ranked is supposed to be the competitive mode and really I’ve seen people be “competitive” in every mode. I do agree with you that considering the rating of Hots there should be parental controls to disable all forms of chat, but you already know why nothing will be done to change this.

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Please relieve this game and the community from your own toxicity OP.

Communication is key for anyone who is playing to win in ranked. Anyone who mutes all players and is refusing to work with his team is a troll, pure and simple.

Hopefully your teams are reporting you for non participation and hopefully you get your well deserved ban soon OP. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, go find a non-team game.

You are trolling REM lol.

The game has toxic players. You know it. They are toxic in draft. You know that too lol.

Or maybe you aren’t trolling and you do report people who don’t talk to you.
I am less concerned about you or your personal attacks.

I just want a way to mute all the chat in draft. I don’t care if someone dislikes that.

Don’t play ranked then. There are toxic people (duh) but they are the minority and your actions harm the chances of winning of the majority of the non-toxic players who are unlucky enough to be on your team.


You’re making too big of a deal out of this. You can turn off chat in game and stop people from being able to whisper to you, (which in my experience are the main means of toxic communication). And you’re worried about a 5 minute draft session?

Draft chat has to be there because it an important part of draft modes. How else are you going to discuss bans, who to lock first, what heroes you’re good or not good at, and things like that?

If you don’t want to talk to anyone or don’t want to read the messages, ignore them. If you can’t seem to ignore them then I’d recommend you learn how to not let things get to you. Draft chat is not going away and for a good reason.

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There’s (2) methods to do this:

1- You can manually mute all your teammates at the start of every match.

2- You can set the game to auto-mute everyone by default. It’s in the options.

And contrary to belief, you don’t actually need to communicate with your team to do well in this game. For the longest time i muted everyone at the start of every match and still crushed players on a regular basis. Furthermore, communication is mostly useless to begin with as most players will stick to their “strategy” no matter what you say. Attempting to convince them to do otherwise will often only result in needless bickering and making a bad match even worse.

Lastly, Pings are really all you need in terms of team communication. Players are much, MUCH more likely to follow pings, than actually telling them to do something.

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Not sure in which hole you were in the last few years but two facts for you:

  1. The development for the game has stopped since month
  2. The game didn’t make money otherwise they wouldn’t have cancelled the development. Blizzard is all about shareholder value and Cosby Suite.

You’re missing the point, auto-mute (chat disabled) does apply to everything but Draft Chat in Ranked. There is no setting to disable Draft Chat and that’s probably for the best in a team based strategy game.

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A few of you say this is team based game.

It really isn’t in my ranked matches. One guy is afk. One guy is doing camps during obj. One is just calling people the n word. One guy is trying. I am sometimes following the most useless person, and trying to help them with their silly tasks.

Just want to not have to see their toxic draft chat. Match will be a clown show anyway.

You can act righteous or whatever in this forum if you want.
In the game though, none of your points land because this is how HOTS is.

Even if I got a decent team doing decent things, the other team will get a grand master who is just beating up low rank people for viewers while cheating the ranking system.

The fun is like listening to music, ignoring all chat, and hoping the other team messes up badly.

Yah, go on and post Medihv main. I can’t wait to read your post.

It still is even if it doesn’t feel like it to you in your matches.

There are no devs to change things, and even if they would exist, as others said, silence during draft shouldn’t be encouraged.

What you can do is report the toxic ppl because silenced folks cannot play ranked.