NA microplay is GARBAGE

So i started on eu, but moved to us and now play na. Let me just say that we americans (continent) draft better, are nicer, and are smarter with macro play. Overall in my games there are fewer deaths and less fights of 19vs 20, down a man, ect. That being said oh my god the microplay. I was playing guldan bc i used him to get to diamond the first time. I literally had one person run through all 3 of my corruption circles to then turn around and run back through 2 more. Brightwing and greymane would dive ana/I and id horrify both of them into our towers (this happened 3 times. My guldan winrate in eu is like 45-48 percent but in na its closer to 65.

I know people say na is easier but my rank in each is pretty similar. It mostly goes down to my ability to draft damage more often in na without issue. Also ping hurts.


I have hardly ever played with Europeans, but I can say as an initial opinion that they are good.


Yeah people give NA a lot of flak for being noobs, but it’s not that bad. I mean yeah there are idiots like you said. I once had a Jaina at half health try to steal a camp from anduin and Imperius. Another time I stole a camp after knocking zeratul down to 25% health, and he came back, auto’d me and then I just smacked him and he died.

On the other hand, people are really good with their camp rotations, people usually end up soaking, not engaging when down a level, taking boss when would be most beneficial, respond to pings pretty well. Not to mention afk split pushing is pretty much impossible.

So I really do think macro is better than micro for NA


Skill tier for this game will probably always be Korea>EU>US>Oceania/Brazil unless something world breaking happens and some mythical African nation rises to play in masses.

That said I like both regions. I have friends on both, so it is only natural for me to play both.
Do I think games are overall a bit harder on EU than US? Yes.


Heh, I just missed you this morning, and played a SL match myself since I was already on. I have noticed the same thing fairly often, in that Corruption circles seem to be invisible, and the enemy team forgets that Horrify is a thing. We had a Gul’dan and a Stukov, and the enemy had a Smash Varian. I could ignore him a lot of the time, as he would dive back there, get Horrified too far from his team, then Massive Shoved back into our towers.

Which was a good thing, as I had to spend all of my time as Trait build Johanna baby-sitting our Valla who just wanted to give the enemy Garrosh hugs the whole match…

Based on my hots experience so far I rate the region in this order:

1: Asia

I am an European player and I have played hots on all 3 regions and I have noticed that the awareness level in NA plays is small and their micro isn’t good but one thing that’s a really positive thing they do is they play as a team more then EU does.

EU experience is as follows we are really good at coordinating and have good micro but our disadvantage is we don’t play as a team we chase personal glory at least based on my experience with EU and we swear alot strangely when someone messes up something small insults start shooting at the poor guy while US is more forgiving.

And Asia I have no comment it’s like playing in a whole different dimension of hots I can’t catch up to them they move and play with the speed of light I feel like a toddler compared to them in skill.


Yea sorry we need to play! I finally broke a small losing streak with two wins and was like yea lets not push it. Ill be on tomorrow morning though.

I plan to be on tomorrow after 9:00am PT, and will likely be queuing with a couple of friends. If he is free, you will recognize one of the names! His main is high-Diamond/Master on EU, but we tease him about being a Gold scrub on NA, because of how placements work. So while he is in principle smurfing, technically he isn’t as that is his main account, he just hadn’t played on NA before.

(Now I have to make sure he is still free for tomorrow…)

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So I should start smurfing in Brazil, eh? :wink:


If you care about being boosted decline that inventation

Im a little underanked rn as it is (60% winrate about 100 games played) so im not against it for a few games. I wont play with them to the point i cannot carry my solo que games though.

You will only really notice a difference if you play at the highest ranks tbh. For anything diamond and below is quite the same.

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I agree i’m american and i suck at this game and i was GM, american number 1, hot dogs, 4th of july, WOOOO USA! USA!


This is according to my experience:

1: Europe.
2: United States.
3: Latin America.

I did not include Australia, Singapore, Asia or Russia because I have never played on those servers (But I have heard that Russians are bad).

there is no russia server, a common complaint on eu since they dont like playing together (ping + language barrier and other issues, many russians also refuse to speak english)

but as a latam player i agree it is the bottom in skill level, probably even worse than australia
(and the only people we could field for hgc were platinums/some dias, we dropped out pretty fast, plat here is maybe silver in us or eu)

I see the gambit of players who help me shine and make me look good to complete idiots who don’t know how to leave a lane and actually soak. There’s never a middle ground in NA

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People from Antarctica suck at HotS.

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It’s true, and they are all Mei, Jaina and Arthas mains.


Come to oceanic servers where it’s all ARAM!


I live closer to eastern EU and there are at least 1 russian every game.

Imagine what I go through every single game…