My Post for the New Owners

Hopefully you will invest in HotS. There is a lot of potential to build excitement for the game again. There are a lot of characters and ideas half built waiting for a team to pump them out. At one point in time early in this game’s life Heroes were being churned out 8-12 a year. That was exciting seeing your favorite hero come out so you could play it.

Please focus on Heroes from the established Blizzard IPs!!! Fans want to see Heroes from Blizzard IPs not Nexus Originals. This made so many fans upset at Blizzcons (first for Orphea, and then the other Blizzcon with Qhira). We didnt want to see Nexus Originals, we wanted to see Heroes from the established IPs. After that the team started to decline.

Hopefully this will be a new chapter for Heroes of the Storm and we can see some investment from Microsoft in this IP. IMO I like the idea of paying a cash value for skins instead of buying gems. Like 0.25-.50 cents for basic skins and 0.99 for rare skins. 1.99 for epic skins 2.50 for legendary etc… Same idea for mounts.

We need a lot more melee assassins in the game, I’d like to see a Pit Lord Melee Assassin as first hero. GL!


Orphea’s reception was largely positive. Qhira wasn’t revealed at a Blizzcon.


Her’s wasn’t half as bad as Qhira but I assure you Orphea was lukewarm response with the forums aflame for at least a week with people trying desperately to find a “real” hero who would fit her playstle

My favourite was the dingus who thought she’d fit a DStarcraft Lurker


I think I’ve had this discussion before with you, but you and I remember the reveal very differently. There were negative posts, but only from the people who would’ve said negative things regardless of who was revealed. I think most people liked her.

Qhira’s was an unmitigated disaster, though.


My post for the new owners: IGNORE the endless “dead game”, the whining “no new heroes” threads and similar other negativity. That’s just a given around these parts.

Actually, just ignore this forum altogether. This place is a very poor representation of the HOTS player-base. I’m guessing about 75% of active players don’t even come here.

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There is a reason Harbinger created a “Qhira Drinking game” and not one for Oprhea. :wink:

Requesting new content is not negative. Moba’s in particular thrive off change and additions like new heroes. Most of my friends list isn’t on here or Reddit, yet every single one of them wants a new hero to be released.


No but, whining for the sake of whining is. A large portion of the “no new heroes” threads are just made to stir the pot. Just like those “dead game” threads.

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Her reveal trailer had a lower like ratio then any of the trailers at that point on Youtube, that’s in spite of the fact it wasn’t just a basic reveal trailer but was one of their big Blizzcon cinematics

I repeat, Lukewarm with Orphea being tolerated

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you might have to repost this in 2023 or 2024 when the deal actually happens


Overwatch heroes had worse-than-average like/dislike ratios, but I don’t think that’s indicative of the community reaction. Qhira’s the only hero to have an actual negative ratio.

Edit: I had this discussion with you. Agree to disagree. I don’t need to have it again.


The fact that the Blizzcon cineamtic reveal got worse numbers then even the basic trailers (less likes overall as well) then even the overwatch ones, yeah lukewarm,
It’s why the devs even said they were changing course on their plans for Nexus Originals, originally they thought the NO’s would be the Blizzcon showstoppers but instead they would have to be put on the back burner for more minor reveals,

Then the team cut happened and Qhira was the last hero with any work done before the team got cut so we got her out of the blue cus even she was better then nothing.

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Nexus heroes are just as much of Blizzard IP heroes as the rest of the roster. I’d take another Orphea and Qhira over another generic Warcraft assassin.

I know my place well enough to say that yes they shouldn’t be the majority, but a couple of Nexus heroes every 3-4 years will hardly kill the game, especially if they’re as well designed as Orphea and Qhira are.


Actually, people got more mad that we weren’t getting many new heroes and we got 2 nexus. It would’ve been fine if we were getting 12-16 heroes/year like before (which was the plan but hots got the axe).


Most people who come here on this forum making whine threads are new accounts that just come and complain about stuff and then leave never to come back again. When was the last time you saw a regular making complain threads about no new heroes or report/surrender mode.

People who are here already know why and wont waste time making a thread about it.


I disagree with you tho. Nexus originals were awesome and I would like to see more lore based around the Nexus, because if one thing Blizzard is famous for it’s doing storytelling and catchy videos.


2 requests:

  • Give forums all the in-game Portraits
  • Give forums the emojis from in-game chat

Why not create Lore with the 90 Heroes + every other WC/SC/Diablo/OW/Classic charactervin existence and the few already known Nexus ppl (mostly Realm Lords like the Raven Lord)?

The Nexus has more lore from the maps and some skin descriptions than from its own, “lore establishing” comics. And the comics showed more from the Announcers and the Heroes than from Orphea.

This game has the tools for awesome stories without newly made up characters that for some reason should be Heroes in a game that tried to be the place where you can fight as already well known characters, races or units.


This question is weird. Why do you exclude nexus heroes? Why not both?

Why would you limit the design options for creators?


How is the question weird? Will you elaborate?
I did not exclude Nexus Heroes. The 90 I listed has 2.
Also the Realmlords are Nexus characters as well.

I just think we already have too many characters that can influence the outcome of any threat or conflict to justify the making of completely new ones.

Ever heard of the superherocomic-syndrome? When you watch/read something about a Hero facing super big problems that threaten their whole world and they’re all alone or with only a handful of others and you like… but where are the others?
This is my major issue with what WoW’s story became. The toys characters are on the shelves doing “something else, stuff”.

After all, Orphea banished the Ravenlord to the Dark Nexus but she’s still beatable by a baby murloc or a fragile old man. So they’re not above our Heroes, who then can shape the Nexus.

Because their original job with the game was to fill it with nostalgia, not to build their own rpg campaign with their own playercharacters.

And tho I have nothing against Qhira and Orphea, what they did with their creative freedom? A loli and a wakandan. Nothing actually creative. Just some tropes mobas usually have but Blizz games lacked. They were just fillers.
And considering what they did with Stukov, Garrosh, Mei and Hogger, they could let their kit-creativity (what matters) out even with existing, nostalgic characters.

I don’t see a justification for Heroes that don’t exist, while hardcore fans are waiting for stuff like Baal for 7 years. Characters they already love and care about and desire to play as.

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One part I disliked about the Qhira release is how Blizzard made a bunch of teasers leading up to the release, but then it was an original nexus hero so trying to guess who the new hero could be based on the teasers was nothing but wasted brain cells.