Murky highest burst in the game?

Was anyone going to tell me that tufferfish, slime, octograb does virtually as much damage as pyro with a 50 second cooldown and is much more likely to land? (because, you know, it also stuns them) I think we can get rid of the myth that Murky is anything less than a full powered hero with an eight second respawn. Once talented, he wins any 1v1 besides against a bruiser. Seriously, unless you are HARD countered it almost requires straight up trolling to lose.

Lol. 20 characters here


Pretty weak effort.


He only feels this dumb to play againts in uncordinated qm games where everyone are ignoring him.

Just stay near your team and dont go alone againts him if you are a squicy mage or just any hero with low hp.

He will blow you up. But in cordinated teams he will die more then you and grapped heroes will get healed up again and Murky will get killed while he stun himself to his grap target.


Same strat like against Samuro. Proves my point that Samuro and Murky have a lot in common while being different. :stuck_out_tongue:


murky can do quite big bursts in damage but the title of the highest burst damage in the game belongs to probius.

these are old data but still relevant (thought may not be 100% accurate)