Muradin has a 45% winrate on hotslogs

Anybody have any idea why? I swear he was up at the top 6 months ago and i dont think hes been nerfed so whats up? Is everyone just playing different tanks now or is he actually not good?

Heroes where you produce dopamine when you play them are proven to have higher winrates than those where you don’t

When I’m in the mood for him my winrate with him goes up :open_mouth:

I think he always has been there, between 45% and 50%
I like mura but I think he is one of those heroes that the higher you go the more value it gives like hanzo and yrell.

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57,3 % on master level

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Many new players play him due to the fact that he is cheap and easy to play but given that players play him his winrate will not be the best.

Where do u get the stats for master league?

Muradin has never been at the top of winrates ever.
He is here because while not being bad he is not super good either and he is a default tank pick for lots of players when they have to pick a tank in drafts.Plus he is quest dependant.

How can throwing scalling hammers with level 1 and caving skulls in with level 7 talent not produce dopamine for you?

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Click on ‘additional filters’ then select Master (or due to the fairly small player base in master, select Master+Diamond).

Muradin is one of those heroes that excels in higher MMR but is horrible in low rated games.
He can also be a really high DPS hero if you choose to build him that way (and he has some pretty incredible dueling talents like +300% extra damage on Thunder Clap if it hits only 1 enemy)

Except very short period after his mini-rework, Muradin always had such stats.

Muradin is also such a no brainer hero and really strong when combined with Abathur hat.

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Because of his mobility and burst against squishies, too many people play him like a bruiser.

But his mana can not sustain that. He doesn’t do enough damage out side his small burst window to be played as a bruiser, but people can help themselves.

This is the main reason his win rates get pushed down.

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probably because you’re looking at stats for ALL skill levels (something that tells you NOTHING about hero strength). like 70% of players in HOTS are gold or lower (probably even higher at this point) so if a lot of them stink with a hero out of nowhere, it’s gonna tank the stats when you look at all leagues at once.

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See point made! think his q is for lower a bit too fast to react up on

Prime examples being Hanzo, Medivh. They are at the bottom of the win rate chart but they are contested picks in higher MMR. (Genji was similar, but he is a bit over-nerfed at the moment, even in Master his winrate is a terrible 40%, in Bronze it’s 34,2%)

The real question is…Avatar or Haymaker?!

who knew that size mattered when picking heroes. i guess the short dwarf should have went Avatar instead of Haymaker. then he would be bigger than Diablo.