Multi Class Zerg Hero


(NAME?) Hiveless Roach (Taking suggestions)
HP: 1,852(+4% per level), Regen: 5.11 (+4% per level)
Mana: 490 (+10 per level), Regen: 2.90 (+0.1 per level)
APS: 1, Melee: 1.5, Damage: 106.54 (+4% per level), DPS: 106.54
HP: 1,693(+4% per level), Regen: 4.94 (+4% per level)
Mana: 490 (+10 per level), Regen: 2.90 (+0.1 per level)
APS: 1.3, Melee: 1.5, Damage: 119.43 (+4% per level), DPS: 155.26
HP: 1,742(+4% per level), Regen: 5.03 (+4% per level)
Mana: 490 (+10 per level), Regen: 2.90 (+0.1 per level)
APS: .8, Ranged: 5.5, Damage: 130.82 (+4% per level), DPS: 104.66

Roach, Ravager, Lurker
Damage: 4/10, 7/10, 6/10
Utility: 7/10, 8/10, 7/10
Survivability: 9/10, 5/10, 6/10
Complexity: 5/10, 6/10, 8/10
Strengths: Adapts to any game situation mid game, can provide a team with almost any role, Lane presence/clear, zoning and sieging, tanking
Weakness: Must hearth or die to change roles, Armor reduction heroes, Lurker is very vulnerable to ambushes as it’s stationary and takes a bit to get up and moving.

This Roach somehow managed to become free of the Zerg Hivemind once it fell into the Nexus. Now it fights for itself with its newly acquired self-awareness and self-preservation skills. Able to transform into 1 of 3 forms almost at will it can adapt to survive as it needs, no longer how the swarm wants it to be. The Roach form is a tanking for with higher HP and innate armor, Ravager form allows for an assassin style of play, while the Lurker form grants a more siege/zoning specialist battle style. The heroics are based off different styles of how I feel the hero COULD be played. A basic charge and deal damage one, straight up no fancy stuff. A buff to the heroes’ trait, allowing for instant mutation into any form from anywhere on the battle field, good for if you get ambushed as the lurker or if you need to chase down a feeling enemy. Or a strategic, pick off the healer/weak one, heroic that allows the Roach to abduct one enemy hero away from battle to fight 1v1… or flee if they can.

Roach: Tank – Some CC and self-healing. Lower HP than most tanks but has a base 20 Armor.
Ravager: Assassin – Movement buffs, fast attack speed, a debuff/damage spell
Lurker: Specialist – Plants self in place to gain 30 Physical armor and powerful attacks. Can only basic attack when not planted. Planting/unplanting self takes 1.5 seconds. Activate trait to plant/unplant self.

Special Mount: Tunnel – Roach tunnels a short distance becoming un-targetable for the duration and passing under terrain and buildings. Not useable while planted in Lurker form. 40 sec CD

Special 4 key – Hearth back to the Roach Warren at the Hall of storms. (Quick way to get into the warren without the extra step of hearthing then clicking warren.)

Trait: Roach Warren – Passive/Active, 40 sec CD
Passive: Allows Roach to evolve into one of the 3 forms available. Roach Spawns from here after dying. The Warren stays at the Hall of Storms
Activate: While inside press 1: Roach, 2: Ravager, or 3: Lurker to pick which form to emerge as. Takes 3 seconds to change form if alive. Upon death player can choose which form to emerge from after resurrection.

  1. Rapid Evolution – Reduce evolution time by 75%
  2. Ambushers Evolution – Gain 20% movement speed and enter stealth after leaving the Warren until the next time you attack or are attacked after changing forms.
  3. Shielded Evolution – Gain 2 charges of Spell Armor, reducing the next spell damage by 60%, when you emerge from the Warren.
  4. Tunnel Warren – Roach can emerge from the Warren at any visible area of the map.

Q: Roach: Bash – 8 sec CD, 45 mana, melee Targetable Stun.
Roach Stuns targeted enemy for .5 seconds and deals light damage.
Q: Ravager: Leap – 8 sec CD, 45 mana, medium ranged targetable stun.
Ravager leaps to a target, dealing medium damage and stunning them for .5 seconds.
Q: Lurker: Impale – 8 sec CD, 45 mana, medium ranged small ground aoe stun.
Lurker sends forth a spike to stun any enemies in a small area for 1 second, and deal medium damage.

  1. Sudden assault – Ravager and Lurker ability now stuns for .5 seconds longer.
  2. Take Advantage – Roach and Ravager now deal 40% more damage on their next basic attack after Bash/Leap.
  3. Siphon Essence – Roach and Lurker Gain 1% Max HP for minion kill and 10% of their Max HP for Hero Takedowns.
  4. Perfect Kill – Quest: Kill each enemy hero twice in each Form. Reward: CD reduced by 3 seconds. Rewards are applied retroactively.

W: Rapid Regeneration – 10 sec CD, 50 Mana, Self Targeted, Heal.
Roach rapidly regenerates 10% of its Max HP over 2 seconds.
W: Nimble Rush – 10 sec CD, 50 Mana, Self Targeted, Buff
Ravager gains Evade and 10% movement speed for 2 seconds
W: Spiked Armor – 10 sec CD, 50 Mana, Self Centered AoE.
Lurker creates a spiked shell over itself for 2 seconds. Physical armor is increased by 20 for the duration. Lurker can still basic attack and cast abilities but cannot unplant or move.

  1. Hardened Shell – Roach and Lurker gain 10 physical armor for the duration.
  2. Evasive Maneuvers – Roach and Ravager gain an additional 10% movement speed
  3. Enduring Protection – Spiked Armor and Nimble Rush now last 2.75 seconds
  4. Survival of the Fittest –
    Quest: Recover 5,000 HP with RR. Reward: Gain 2.5% maximum HP
    Quest: Evade 50 Basic Attacks. Reward: Evade lasts .5 seconds longer
    Quest: Be hit while using spiked armor 20 times. Reward: Gain an additional 10 physical armor
    Quest: Complete the 3 above quests. Reward: Gain the rewards a 2nd time.
    Rewards are applied retroactively.

E: Siphoning Bite – 9 sec CD, 50 Mana, 2 charges, Melee, Ground Targeted AoE.
Bite the nearest enemy, preferring heroes, for medium damage, heal for 50% of the damage done, healing doubled against heroes.
E: Corrosive Bile – 9 sec CD, 50 Mana, 2 charges, Medium Range Missile, Ground Targeted AoE.
Ravager Targets an area of ground to spew a globe of corrosive bile. Targets hit take medium damage and lose 10 armor for 3 seconds.
E: Burrowing Spines – 9 sec CD, 50 Mana, 2 charges, Long Range, Ground Targeted AoE.
Lurker sends out spines that can travel a long distance to deal medium damage to enemies in the area of effect.

  1. Bombardment Glands – Increases the Range of Corrosive Bile and Burrowing Spines by 20%.
  2. Serrated Spines– Increases damage of Siphoning Bite and Burrowing Spines by 15%.
  3. Siphoning Bile – Increase Healing of Siphoning Bite to 70% of damage done and Corrosive bile now heals for 15% of the damage done.
  4. Draw Essence –
    Quest: Bite each enemy 5 times. Reduce each enemies’ armor 5 times, and hit each enemy with Burrowing spines 5 times. Applied retroactively.
    Reward: Steal .25% of nearby enemies’ maximum life every second and heal for that amount.

R1: Underground Assault – 100 Mana, 60 Sec CD, Very Large range Ground Targeted AoE.
Roach burrows underground and travels very fast to the targeted location where it bursts from the ground dealing medium damage and stunning enemies hit for 1.5 seconds.

  1. Tunneler – Range is now Global, travel speed increased by 50% and CD reduced by 25%.

R2) Rapid Evolution – 50 Mana, 70 Sec CD, Self.
Roach activates this ability so that the next time it selects a form it instantly mutates into that form no matter where it is or if it’s in combat or not. Can be activated to preemptively ready the mutation. To activate press R then the desired number key to mutate. 1: Roach, 2: Ravager, 3: Lurker

  1. Evolve on the go – Gains 20% move speed for 3 seconds and heals self for 20% of maximum life when activated.

R3) Abduct – 60 Mana, 75 Sec CD, Medium/Long range, Targeted.
Roach/Ravager Tunnel to an enemy and grab them, stunning the enemy for 2 seconds and dealing light damage. After 1 second they then haul the enemy back through the tunnel to where they started from. Lurker Send forth a tentacle that stuns the enemy for 2 seconds and deals light damage. After 1 second it grabs the enemy and hauls them back through the tunnel to the Lurkers position. (Hard CC will cause the tentacle to be unable to abduct the enemy.)

  1. Thrill of the Hunt – Roach, Ravager, and Lurker gain 10% attack and movement speed and 10% spell power for 4 seconds after successfully abducting an enemy hero. Also heal for 15% Maximum life if the enemy hero is killed within 5 seconds of abduction.

Non Ability Talents:

  1. Imposing Presence.
  2. Nexus Blades.


Idea is nice though there will be class changes in 2019 and there won’t be multiclasses anymore.


True, which will be a slight shame imo. but it’s not the end of the world. I did make this way back before those role changes were heard of, but due to another post wanted to repost to these new forms. It’s one of my favorite concepts i’ve done, particularly the R3 heroic. :smiley:

Maybe instead of Multiclass things like this and Varian just fall under multiple roles, or they fall under a default role to start eg Tank for Roach since the Roach is both its starting form and its tank form, and bruiser for Varian since he starts with 2h sword form. But then they can adapt to different roles within the game. I don’t really know what their plans are for the one multiclass they have now but i liked having it so i hope it’s still around later.


Okay. There’s numerous problems with this. The biggest mechanical problem is the 12 abilities, entirely unworkable with Talents. I’d suggest just one baseline ability per form, then each form alters the two shared baseline abilities. This means that Talents could focus on altering a much smaller number of abilities in more generically useful ways, letting the situational response be more present at high levels.

As an example, Burrow could be the baseline W, offering accelerated regeneration (or just further accelerated) for the tank and having the Ravager get to use their artillery ability (in a weakened state) as an attack. Then the Q could be an exaggeration of the default attack, making an AoE “puddle” with effects based on the form, such as a long-lasting slowing effect for the tank and the Ravager getting something similar to the WC3 version of Flamestrike (slight delay, huge burst, lingering scratch damage).

By breaking down some of this diversity into varying fewer abilities, you can get the talents sorted out much more easily, having the ability to focus on sub-roles like engagement and CC through Talents, while bulk determinants of survivability and damage output get handled by the forms.