Mouse cursor on MacOS does not move screen correctly in windowed mode

In SC2 window mode, the mouse does not work anymore to be able to move the screen (as if it were with the keys up, down, left, right )

To make it work correctly, the mouse must be positioned exactly on the line of the window border, if you move it a little more and go beyond the window border a few millimeters, it no longer works and the screen no longer moves, it remains stopped.

I have this problem after the last update.

MacOS 10.15.5

Hey, ArTiM! The forums here are for Heroes of the Storm. We have a thread on-going for the mouse cursor issue with StarCraft II after the 4.12 patch here.

This came up in the patch that fixed the mouse screen cursor bug. You can fix this using Command+Tab. That’ll allow you to reposition the pointer. While it’s a little annoying, I would rather deal with this than the old mouse screen cursor bug.