Mount disappeared from collection after patch

Hi I owned the Pink and Blue looking Speeder mount and since the game patched earlier today it has now vanished from my collection and does not even show in the store anymore either. I tried closing my client and reopening it but that did not fix the issue. Someone please help. I am also not that good at these forums and dont see a way to just submit a ticket to support. :confused:

The pink speeder was removed entirely. It is bugged and we were not supposed to have it yet. We don’t know if it will ever come back. The other colors (blue, green, red) should be still available.

Don’t worry about submitting tickets, posting here is the best way to inform about bugs.

but I bought it in 6/15, Customer service say there is no Record?I from Taiwan,my english is suck as this company Customer service, will it Refund?

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