More Heros, more and more^^

  • Leeerrroooy Jenkins
  • Bwonsamdi
  • Mimiron (Ulduar Boss)
  • Brann Bronzebeard
  • Yogg Saron, got moving don’t ask me how^^
  • Baal (Diablo 2 Skin)
  • Adria the witch (Diablo 3 Skin, normal and demon)
  • Hearthstone-Innkeeper “I said: Play fair!”

Non of them are worth mentioning except Baal.


Let’s take a break on all things Warcraft and Overwatch. They’ve been stealing the spotlight for too long.
I want some new SC and Diablo heroes.

Baal and Duran should finally get into the Nexus. And another Zerg Hero would be awesome.

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Harth, the Innkeeper, as well as Adria and Yogg-Saron are highly requested heroes with the potential to have very unique gimmicks. It’s a little bit rude to shut down this post how you did.

I agree, we should get more Starcraft and Diablo heroes, but I just wanted to say that Mei was the first Overwatch hero in over 2 years. I wouldn’t say Overwatch has been “stealing the spotlight.”

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All I want is Lady Vashj, Blackthorne, Pharah and Vereesa.

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Worth Mentioning? New mothers are yelling Leroy Jenkins to this day in hospitals, people in movies and popular media today yell Leroy Jenkins without knowing why, he absolutely deserves to be in the Nexus, and with that attitude he deserves to be free as well.

Baal and Adria, both are ok. Rest aren’t really anything special for me too.

huh, u’r right… really didn’t seem that way ;D
My bad.
Let’s definitely take a break on Warcraft heroes tho. I mean I would like Lady Vashj and Vol’Jin as much as the next WC3 fan and finally complete all the 16 base heroes from all the races plus most of the mercenaries. And yes, Jaina replaces Antonidas in my head. And Samuro is basically Grom Healscream, tho I would like me some Grom as well lol, maybe a skin for both could be neat.
Manneroth would actually get me quite psyched if they ever did that. And other than that we’re only missing the Goblin Tinkerer and the Goblin Alchemist but I doubt there’s much interest for those to join ever.

But it’s StarCraft’s turn finally, comawn ;D

I’d be fine with a SC next. Still hoping for Baal next year maybe.

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