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Akama, Dranei Sage


Q - Empowered STrikes:
Akama Gains fire splash damage equivalent to 45% of his attack damage for his next 4 basic attacks, 2 second cooldown.

W - Stasis Trap:
After a 2 second setup, enacts a stealthed trap which damages for 45 and stuns for 2.5 seconds in a small radius, upon the ground. Lasts 7 seconds after setup. 8 second cooldown.

E - Chain Heal:
Heals an ally for 245 and bounces to 2 nearest allied heroes or minions/mercs preferring allied heroes. 7 second cooldown.

Trait - permanently stealthed, Akama only breaks stealth when attacking or using abilities.

Sample Talents:

Lvl 1:

Soothing Waves - Healing WAve now removes slows. Passive: reduce the cooldown of Healing Wave by 1 second.

Rage Made Manifest:
Akama’s basic attacks grant bloodfury. Up to 7 stacks. Each successive attack after the first one on the same target grant 2% attack damage for the subsequent attack.

Lvl 4:

Advanced Pathing - Akama permanently gains 15% movement speed.

Lvl 7:

Abjural Ritual - Akama remains stationary for 3 seconds, reducing all incoming attack damage in a wide radius near him by 75% for the duration. 18 second cooldown.

Lvl 10:

R1 - Wrath of the Dranei

Akama permanently grants mini-bloodlust to himself and any allies within a small radius, granting 15% attack speed and 10% movement speed. Passive.

R2 - Cleansing Ritual of the Elements

Akama casts Purge in a huge radius periodically on all available heroes every .5 seconds for 5 seconds. 82 second cooldown.

Lvl 13:

Triumph of the Dranei - Akama summons a War Kodo for 10 seconds, dealing 17 damage per attack (slow attack speed) at great range from the rider and granting a 15% damage buff to basic attacks of all allies in a wide radius. 317 health. 60 second cooldown.

Lvl 16:

Unmistakeable Faith - Healing Wave now grants unstoppable for 1.5 seconds and removes all slows/roots/stuns for its duration but increases its cooldown by 1.5 seconds.

Feast or Famin3? - Akama gains an active ability (numeral key) that heals over time for 212 and 38 mana on an allied unit or hero or depletes 45 mana and deals 5 damage per second for 12 seconds on an enemy.

Lvl 20:

Sage Insight - Akama gains an active ability (numeral key) to plant sight wards that last 18 seconds and are stealthed for only 12 mana. 6 second cooldown.

Thunderstar!! - Akama’s Healing Wave now also casts opposing wave on the nearest enemy or enemy hero preferring heroes if possible, reducing attack speed by 12%, Move speed by 8%, and granting a debuff that deals 12 damage per second for the next 15 seconds.

Ritual Bath - Cleansing Ritual of the Elements now also grants a glowing green healing mist within the area, healing for 25 per second in the area.

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First of all i Wanna thank blizzard for answering my suggestions. I truly appreciated it, like they put Varian in the game for me that was so awesome also they gave Arthis frost strike, which i didnt know what I was thinking when I asked that. But there’s one more thing that Im hoping that they add in heroes is Marrad that would be the best so i hope please that they add him Thank you

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