Misha shouldn't give butcher hero level meat

I don’t need to explain why this should change. You don’t need an explanation as to why this is broken. Fix it.

Why? Misha counts as a hero doesn’t she?

You really do.

1 body = 1 “point” towards quest completion. This is not inconsistent with other heroes like TLV.

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That’s the point, why does she count as a hero? She can’t go where she wants like vikings. She has to stay close to Rexxar.

Misha is Rexxars trait. Not a hero.

Misha is considered a heroic target for the purposes of the game. And Misha isn’t his trait. Rexxar’s trait is the command abilities and 15% movespeed for misha

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So D.va MEKA is also not hero but suit and shouldn’t even give exp for killing. And now to be serious - you want character that is really easy to counter, even in pro hands - HOTS FAN show that even butcher with 400 meat isn’t enough to win balanced game as he is so easily countered - Blind, Root, Stun, any of these abilities makes butchers life hell. If you suggestion only main heroic to give stacks on butcher, very well but offer something in exchange like … CC effects lasting only 25% of time.

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This is so random. How many games have you even had where this was a bother? I reckon 1 was enough to tilt you.

Tho I suppose there is a strong throwing interaction between Rexxar and Butcher. If Rexxar wants to throw all he has to do is repeatedly throw Misha into Butcher to literally feed him ;D
If that happens report the animal abuser.

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