Mikaela, the Maiden of Zaporizhzhia (Nexus Ranged Assassin)

Adaptable ranged assassin, has a myriad of damage dealing, high mobility, and survivable abilities.


  • Durable
  • Burst Damage
  • Poke Damage
  • Sustained Damage
  • Mobility


  • Area Damage
  • Low CC
  • Slow Mana Regeneration

Basic Abilities:

  • Trident Swing (Q): Mikaela dashes forward with her Halberd Carbine, increases attack speed when in melee combat and attack damage when in ranged combat.
  • Rail Fencer (W): Mikaela fires an energy rail in the target direction, deals moderate damage with a chance of dealing critical damage in a line. Thus, Mikaela gains movement and attack speed when hitting an enemy creep or a hero.
  • Rurikid Battery (E): Mikaela activates a battery that create a spell-immune barrier that protects nearby heroes and herself from dealing spell damage. When an enemy hero hits an ally with a barrier, it deals light damage and slows movement and attack speed for a few seconds.
  • Maiden’s Vow (Trait): Mikaela’s basic attacks and abilities reduces cooldowns and refunds mana cost when hitting an enemy hero.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Argent Crescent (R1): Mikaela fires a giant wave of energy in the target direction. Dealing heavy damage in a line.
  • Armored Concubine (R2): Mikaela transforms herself into an armored tanking angel that destroys everything in the way for a short period of time. Cannot use her basic abilities when using this heroic form.

As a young child, Mikaela was a helpful and hardworking girl who needs favors from other people in the noble, yet highly-technologically advanced kingdom of Zaporizhzhia. When her kingdom was devastated by the Raven Lord, she fled to Volskaya Foundry and grew up as a fearsome warrior woman who avenged her fallen kingdom by confronting the Raven Lord himself and his minions.

Level 1:

  • Oath of Resilience (Quest): Complete the tasks to increase spell power to Mikaela’s basic abilities. 15 Trident Swing and 10 Rail Fencer hits on heroes.
  • Hussar Sweep (Q): Trident Swing melee attacks deals area damage.
  • Daring Dash (Q): Trident Swing increases dashing distance.

Level 4:

  • Railing Helix (W): Rail Fencer creates a helix that deals additional damage.
  • Focused Coil (W): Rail Fencer increases cooldown reduction.
  • Electrostatic Rod (W): Rail Fencer also stuns.

Level 7:

  • Weapon Mastery (Passive): Basic abilities increases spell power.
  • Reflective Barrier (E): Rurikid Battery deflects incoming damage.
  • Barrier Overcharge (E): Rurikid Battery hits deal continuous damage to enemy heroes.

Level 13:

  • Egress Maneuver (Q): Trident Swing has now two charges, costs no mana, but has a 10 second cooldown.
  • Offensive Hope (Q): Trident Swing increases more damage, but high mana cost.
  • Maiden’s Vengeance (Trait): Takedowns fully restores health and mana.

Level 16:

  • Derailing Round (W): Rail Fencer decreases enemy’s armor.
  • Havoc Core (W): Rail Fencer deals area damage when hit by a basic attack after casting this ability.
  • Healing Barrier (E): Rurikid Battery restores health.

Level 20:

  • Argent Wave (R1): Argent Crescent deals double damage.
  • Angel of Destruction (R2): Armored Concubine can now cast basic abilities, but enhanced in this form.
  • Fury of Zaporizhzhia (Active): Becomes unstoppable, increases attack and movement speed.
  • Heavenly Barrier (E): Rurikid Battery grants protected status.

This is pretty good I hope yee can list the talents also.