Mephisto .... Overpowered?




not really considering it goes on full cd if interrupted.

this isn’t as hard as you might think.

why is your team at low HP when Mephisto isn’t even in a fight? surely you can handle a 5v4 if you’re skilled?

stasis, Maiev jump, protect status, shields (zarya, tyrael, tassadar off the top of my head), burst healing, etc.

if your team drafted terribly or isn’t skilled enough to properly time counters to mephisto, that’s on your team, not mephisto.

this isn’t that difficult considering the 2 minute cooldown. 2 minutes is enough to hearth, get full hp, do several camps and then gank someone to ensure a fight in your favor. if you’re doing nothing for 2 minutes, that’s on you.

Except mephisto doesn’t have burst damage baseline like jaina or li ming or chromie. he also has ONE escape he can talent into, otherwise you can just plant something like a malfurion root when he bounces back to his starting location and 100-0 him very fast. he also requires putting himself in massive danger with his pseudo teleport in order to do damage.


Mephisto isnt overpowered in the slightest. If you literally split up and don’t group together his damage is minimal


Actually quite balanced tbh, almost verging on needing a buff.


The only time Mephisto is Overpowered is when Diablo grabs him.

That and when he takes the global heroic upgrade at lvl 20 which can chunk half of squishy’s HP at unlimited range.


he’s one dimensional and very predictable, yes in the right scenario he does a crazy amount of damage, but thats the same for nearly every assassin. If your team stacks on each, and gives him free cdr repeatedly your team deserves to get punished.

same concept as azmodan, if your team clumps and eat off screen dunks over and over well - git gud.


Sir I’ll have you know that his DPS is extremely insane with the Q talents.

You can fire a Q every second once you get good and position well, basically as soon as your Q hits you have another Q ready to fire provided you either hit 2 people with the Q or your W is positioned well.

His root is also extremely good as either a follow up or to just throw into a choke point, especially if you warp out of vision then start channeling just before you teleport back so that you shoot from where you return to.


it’s still amazing to me that Jaina has been the dominant mage in pro play for quite a while (i think a year+ now) but people make threads like “NAZEEBO TOO STRONG PLS NERF!”, “ORPHEA TOO STRONG PLS NERF”, “CHROMIE TOO STRONG NO COUNTER NERF HER NOW NOW NOW NOW~!!!” but never any about Jaina, someone who has been at the top tier of mages for so long.


*Opener. You mean to say opener.

A lot of bad mephistos throw this when they have nothing to throw.

“MUAHAHAHA! I rooted the entire enemy team for 3 seconds and dealt 300 damage to each one OVER TIME! I’m so evil!”
“But what about your other spells?”
“On cooldo…feck”


That’s because pro play has entirely different meta. What works in pro play doesn’t work in an average pub game and viceversa.

Medivh was a highly contested pick in pro play basicly always, while in an average HL game he is considered a troll pick. Nova was one of the most hated ZOMG OP heroes in normal games (especially QM) while in pro play she was considered dirt tier since late alpha.


Jaina’s kit and playstyle doesn’t change in standard ranked play vs pro games. she’s been very strong for a while. my point is that she’s good at so many levels of play but people complain about weaker mages just because their skill level isn’t up to par, not because characters are too strong.


Except she’s been doing really well in the game as a whole not just pro play. Which is fine, there will always be top hero picks. He brings up a good point, I dont see anyone complain about her. But then you have people gutting heroes like Chromie with complaints.


Mephisto has a 51.4% winrate in HL right now, so he’s on the high-side of the “balanced” range.

He does need to have his power shifted away from Consume Souls into the rest of his kit, though. After you hit level 10, that ability alone is easily 50% of his value in teamfights, and that gets closer to 75% once you hit level 20. Cut that power back and put it back into his basic abilities.

I’d also like to seem him given a basic attack build.


Follow up from your team you fool, you know when your team stuns them so you can’t possibly miss.


You need stuns to ensure you don’t miss? Tsk tsk, I thought alarak mains knew how to predict their target’s movements. Primal zerg can sense it.


Good follow =/= necessary follow up you fool, also Alarak combo requires 0 prediction ever.


People vastly underestimate Durance of Hate as a viable alternative at Level 10. From the day I first played Mephisto, I have always picked Durance unless I was back then up against a full five man team of Assassins that would be too hard to land Durance on.

But what does Durance of Hate bring to the table that Consume Souls doesn’t?

  1. Long range root projectile (if successfully lands)
  2. 60 second cooldown hard cc Heroic opposed to 120 second Heroic damage Heroic that can be easily interrupted if Mephisto is bad at using it optimally
  3. Expanding root effect that roots for 2.5 seconds
  4. Can use to as a setup for yourself or your team to take advantage of immensely


Mephisto does deal a lot of damage, but he’s hardly unique or exceptional in that regard. Many Heroes can do that, especially the ones designed for pure damage output (Lunara, Zul’Jin for quick examples). Such damage numbers are fairly meaningless without context though, there’s plenty of ways to pad stats without actually having much impact. Regularly AoE poking a team (like Mephisto is good at) typically gives tons of damage on the score board but usually does little beyond burning the occasional healer cd.

The consume souls ult is a bit iffy and could probably use some retuning, but Mephisto overall is pretty balanced.


If you take away his team fight damage he literally has nothing.


his dmg is AOE sustain
meta is 1 target burst
so nah hes not overpowered