Mei Storms the Nexus

Mei Storms the Nexus

Armed with her self-designed Endothermic Blaster and joined by her trusty weather-alterering sidekick Snowball, Mei is stepping into the Nexus to put her opponents on ice!

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been there for a few months, if not longer! :smiley:

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Wait, do we have our own forum bot now? Cute.

Neat overview, should exist and be updated for older heroes on their hero page too i think.

It has been there for the last 5 patches or so.

The real question is… does her AA still hit like a wet noodle?

You wasted a good opportunity for a pun.

https ://

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I’m still not sure if it comes in peace. If it’s based off the Nova clone AI and the replacement AFK AI, then we’re fine. :grinning:


LOL hahahahah!