Maybe quick match should be ranked solo

can we have a way to start ranked game fast? Maybe quick match can be ranked game

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Lord no. Matching quick match players randomly into ranked would be a mistake.

But this does open the door to an interesting thought.
If the hero’s team did in fact decide to do this then we would eliminate the drafting portion. This is a huge part of every game but, it can often lead to negative starts before actual playing.
It would put more strain on the que time filters before you got matched and open the doors to odd/weird comp games. Yes.
I would actually be excited to play some ranked games without tanks and healers. Or have a game with only tanks or only healers.
But then this is just easily done with QM already so the backlash would inadvertently cause major uproar.
Additionally, this may feed sensitive players with troll-like behavior even more if they started a game with a healer/tank/dps that they didn’t approve of and just quit/feed immediately.

**I’m for it! **
But you need to further this thought with some potential problem solving.

Like a hero change option pops up before game loads so you have 1 minute to choose/look at everyone’s choices.

You only have 2 changes per team. The tank/healer chosen could only choose between tanks/healers. So you wouldn’t be left out without essential role.
It would be a “soft” draft that is still in flavor but reduced to keep in faster pace.
Idk this would be a tough sell for most but great idea!

I want the time to be saved before playing. All the draft takes too long. but yeah it would cause some problems so some way to balance the game would be required

So with how ranked SL is already formatted to have two preference roles. We Still use that tool built in, but instead of hero’s roles we prefer to play and be organized as such: We use it as traditional comps Only for one circle and the other circle could be For non traditional comps. And if you select both then of course que times would be reduced for just quick action.