Math is hard in this game

I just fail to understand how you get to diamond and you do not understand these simple things about this game. You do not force team fights when they have level 10 and you dont. You never engage 3v5 and you dont chase the enemy team from your core to there towers.

Like how is this stuff so hard to understand? I understand if you were bronze or silver maybe but you are diamond. I am playing with diamond players and they try to do this stuff all the time. Then they die and wonder why they lost.

Another reason why the MMR in this game is the worst it has been and everyone and yes everyone needs to be reset to bronze 5.


Also, Please kill the little minion guys in the lane consistently until the match is over ;D

Since we’re ranting. I don’t understand this bronze, Silver, diamond, etc, fluff. Because i’ve been playing this game consistently for about 2 years straight and, never once played a ranked/unranked match.

It’s all about Quick-match! Quick-match is where the True Warriors are forged. None of this ranking or banning characters non-sense. You’re just thrown to the Wolves with guys you don’t know, at the mercy of the matching system, and have to make what you’re given WORK. If you can rack up a nice or respectable win-rate in that environment? Then you can consider yourself a Good player.

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The game was literally built around QM. They tried gearing it to be an e-sport and most of the heroes and balance changes that occurred after that point were all for that purpose.
I wouldn’t mind deleting Deathwang just to get Haunted Mines back. :cry:
The divisions are just some arbitrary colors to go with your winstreaks and they don’t really mean too much because the skill gap between plat and diamond can be very minimal at times while the one between diamond and masters is pretty palpable usually.

Not so much this. It’s pretty easy to rack up wins in QM when spamming queues as heroes that are highly favorable for it, namely ones with strong macro ability or versatile talent trees that let you easily adapt.
Draft is cool because it gives niche heroes a chance to shine more often.

QM or Ranked doesn’t matters. What matters is the number of potatoes in each team…

^^ You obviously have not played that many QMs then. I’ve played almost 4,000 quick-matches. And it’s Super-rare i have an “easy” match. QM can be pretty harsh at times actually and very competitive.

well you got to look at weather their QM MMR is where it is supposed to be. I bet if i went on my QM i could win easy, i never QM at all, so i bet my MMR is still really low.

“i never QM at all”

^^ Then trust me: Quick-match is just as competitive as any other mode and, has just as many players frequenting it. I have had countless victory’s but also… countless CRUSHING defeats.

Nah quick match requires very little skill. You get a premade of even plats and they will storm over you.

Yeah qm has nothing to do with skill. Its just a matter of good teamcomp/good characters vs sh.t ones.

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Quick match is mostly a practice mode. A way to test the waters against other people as far as how you play. People worry so much about wins and losses there.

I feel you I played with a Jaina who just started playing her and went straight to comp…That guy had no idea what he was doing. Running up into the front of the battles getting wrecked by bruisers/tanks. It was rough.

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Then they blame the tanks and heals for saving them. Like no one could have saved that.

To the first message, I agree. all should be reset. something is very wrong with this system (Im not saying im not were i should be i probably am and eventually you will get to were you are supposed to be if you play like 500+ ranked games) however this is what i have observed. observation 1: my account won the 3 first placements and got bronze 5. my friends account won 2 games and lost 1. and got placed platinum 5. Observation 2: (I am now platinum 3) and I played with a person who had 34% winrate out of 80 games lifetime in sl. Now these numbers does not add up for me. I can only think that that person got placed in diamond after his first games and is now decaying to were he should be. but the initial starting point for your ranked seems just wrong.

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The fact you can get diamond and not play the game for 2 years and come back and get the same rank you left off on even though you are supposed to have rank decay is nonsense.