Matchmaking is the biggest disgrace in gaming history

Is it okay that all games are “stomped” or “get stomped”? Is it okay not to put at least 2 decent players in a team when matchmaking, to have someone and try to carry with?


Tier 3 moba with zero support man. They aren’t about to address something that’s been an issue for a long time.

  1. Every game that has someone complain about the matchmaking call it the “worst ever” or the “biggest disgrace” or whatever exaggeration that they can process to make it’ll seem like they have a valid case of complaint by thinking it the far end of the spectrum.
  2. Other games do actually have a worse matching system than HotS, so the assertion that people keep calling any given one the ‘worse’ or ‘biggest’ whatever indicates they lack experience, observation and interest and are just looking to complain.
  3. The world is full of people that thinking mindless complaints will magically fix whatever problem they can see. The world is also now full of news and examples of some of the real consequence of that mindset. but I doubt these sort of posters will put 2 and 2 together to realize that.
  4. The sort of players that look to blame anything else, don’t learn from reviewing the past, expect something else to making make a ‘fair’ game tend to not be the ones that are the “one or two” “good” players in their own match. But they want to feel that way cuz ignorance is bliss.
  5. A number of other games in the same “genre” no longer actually have an outlet for players to keep complaining about the matchmaking, so it could be ‘assumed’ those game devs gave up on hearing about it. Or they just repeat that they’re “working on it” for years and years and years.
  6. There are two factors on why matchmakings is constantly the “worst thing” in any game people look up
  • People don’t see eye to eye, so they don’t have the same approach or tactics and what worked for one, will look incompetent to the other.
  • The “skill” of any given player is going to vary widely and if people watch their replays, they’re going to find examples of themselves being the bad end that got ‘carried’ by someone else.
  1. People that lack understanding in how matchers work, how programmings estimate skill, and who think blaming anything else around them instead of studying, learning from, and improving from the past are bound to keep having a bad time.
  1. Games are “stomps” one way or the other as once one side starts doing bad enough, people give up, goof around, or simply don’t have the experience and tactical know-how to apply themselves for turning things around.
  2. Horrible stomps happen in other genres, at higher levels up play, and even in ‘real’ life; the claim they only exclusively happen ignores ‘why’, and the lack of observation sense to realize that that is pretty much always the case is just about any game that has player versus player options.

Here’s evidence that MM is completely stupid

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Strength of players has a high variation, because there are lot of smurfs.

Well said @Xenterex.

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Let me guess. You also one of those who want a surrender button just so you can give up after first object lol.


I had worse then this but we still won. I bet you guys just gave up lol.

  1. Hots does have the worst mm ever.
  2. Can you name one?
  3. What is a “non-mindless” complain?
  4. What can I learn when I do objectives, go camps, finish 9-1, and have in team 3 guys with 0-8, 1-12, and 0-6, and one guy goes with healer pushing lanes?
  5. So what’s the point?
  6. I am not talking about bad plays, I am talking about set-ups that doesn’t give you any chance of winning and teammates who just feed and don’t communicate.
  7. You keep repeating that. Again, learn what from these?
  8. In hots this happens too often.
  9. Again, in hots happens too often.

That is a playerbase problem not a game problem if you get feeders/afk player on the team

That has nothing to do with Matchmaker at all. Those players choose to ruin games for others insteed of playing how the game should be played.

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I agree with this.

Even on QM when you get weird comps, if the players are half decent and not throwing at the first roadblock, you can still win the odd match.

It’s definitely a playerbase thing and the fact that people give up and are eager to complain about the smallest of things. Even given advice or asking something is considered being toxic and starts a huge snowball of discussions. Only because someone said “hey play safe and soak top pls”. Bam.

Then agian, it does mirror our society where everyone has an opinion to give and are eager to point fingers.


I won today 4 levels down because I finally got a team that refused to give up (we had Leo with 14 deaths who wasn’t a troll, just a bad player).

All it took was winning 1 last objective in Alterac and we overwhelmed them.

Pls go back and tell me what i wrote and then come back again. Were in my comment does i defend Matchmaking.

I said if you get afk/feeders in this game then its a playerbase problem not a matchmaking problem. Its not the matchmakers fault it gives you trolls or afk/feeders. That is the player that choose to be like that from the start. Do you really think Blizzards system can check every player how they behave in games.

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3 games today, 3 times a loss with a 3 level difference…

And no, I cant soak that much as the team tank.
I do not have the clear for that and also I dont want to let my potato teammates mindlessly brawl in middle without peeling.

But hey, when first 2 picks are instalock zuljin and mephisto, when both of them have less siege damage than healer and less hero damage than offlane, something is wrong.

I’ve come across people like you for a decade of MOBA gaming. “Don’t give up, keep playing” because 1 in 20 games that are obvious stomps will turn around. The other 19 games remain absolute stomps.

Dont tell me you one of those who want a i quit button like dota/lol jsut becasue you get a little bit behind lol.

Burden of proof isn’t on me bucko, might wanna learn a thing or two on how that works on why.

But if you’re so curious, pull out a smart phone, connect to the whatever app store it uses and search for “moba”. There are literally hundreds of game knock-offs, esp around the globe, that use pay-to-win and gatcha gimmicks to just milk the mobile crowd into matches that are far worse stomps than HotS because people in those games can buy in-game power that won’t be matched by just playing the game.

So your little “oh name one” isn’t much a concern. Heck, I could also name the ‘father’ of the genre, Dota-Allstars as that still sees play and doesn’t have any matchmaking at all for the outlets that still allow play for it. A lot of what your perspective is defined by is a lack of your knowing or noticing stuff that matters.

The functional gist of what you pose is topically already an example of why your complaint defeats itself and relies on hyperbole instead of ‘proof’ to demonstrate the issue particular to how the complainer thinks their ‘problem’ can be resolved. Ignorance doesn’t magically improve things, and is often the source of the problem at hand.

Your post demonstrates a lack of experience, a refusal to accept other aspects exist, and frankly, ignores the past effects as mentioned in my post in favor of reaffirming the complaints. Being able to ‘learn’ is a talent in and of itself and you really haven’t taken into consideration how reply watching works in favor of assuming everything is a lost cause and just look for something else to blame, esp in trying to turn this about on me.

Part of the main defect is that others that do have more experience in this regard don’t experience the same extent of issue as you claim, so it already confirms hyperbole and lacking experience. Even if I were to provide direct ‘proof’ contrary of your claim, you’d be more prone to backfire reactions (providing proof causes people to actually support their claim more fanatically) as you’re already convinced you are “right” despite the schism that demonstrates otherwise.

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The sad part of being a stereotype yourself is that you then have to falsely label others to suit your little pattern of assumptions. “people that don’t agree with me are blizzard drones” :+1:

Your first 6 words on the forums already says plenty of the tropes you’re going to regurgitate, so the bit of “I’ve seen lots of players like you” seems a pretty sad echo considering you want to overlook that you’re pretty much the same ol egg repeating the same dance for years on end and not having much of anything better to show for it.

I, or we, or whoever else and seen “players like you” and you have to be an “utter idiot” to be repeating this sort of mantra for years on end ands still demonstrating the same issues and magically trying to blame others as some sort of excuse.

One of the fundamental aspects of “debate” is that anything is ‘defensible’. but that’s moot. Part of the concern still stems from chronic complainers that demonstrate long-lasting histories of mindless complaints that just keep on doing the same thing over and over again, and so long as they have something else to blame, they’ll keep on doing it, and largely just be miserable. Otherwise they’d already be occupied with something else instead of rambling on the same minutia year in and year out.

Even decomposition is a form of change, but real death is flagrant stagnation. “You’d have to be an utter idiot” to keep refusing to notice yourself in that loop. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You should be a lawyer with all those good arguments lol.

Biggest disgrace in gaming history?

Not even close.

Did you know that when Ultima Online was first released that if you installed it on your system it would brick your computer?

Compared to that a little bad matchmaking doesn’t even rate.