Matchmaking is BROKEN

So I’m in my favourite game and 3 of my friends are online at the same time. We talk, we party up thinking yeah it’ll be fun to play this game with friends. So one of us picks support(for xp bonus), one picks tanks(for xp bonus) one picks imperius(new hero, obviously picked) and one picks a ranged assassin. We now have ourselves a balanced team to have fun with.

So before we ready up the game tells us that “4 man parties are experiencing long queue times, it will be better to queue as 5”. So we find another friend and he joins us as another ranged assassin. We ready up, and begin our queue.

An hour later, yes, 3600s, our queue pops, and low and behold a player from the other team has disconnected. I wish i was joking. We all decide that wasting another hour probably isnt worth it so we say our goodbyes.

I wish this was a one off experience, but for the last 2 months we have been forced to leave out a friend from our party so we can queue as 4 and actually get a game. The instant we queue as 5 we don’t actually get to play the game.

If you want us to believe that this game isn’t dying, and that you haven’t given up on it. Please drastically ease the matchmaking criteria, lower the maximum queue time to 5 minutes again like it was in alpha and beta, at the very least do something along these lines for dead regions like ANZ.

While the game may be enjoyable, sitting in queue isn’t. I’m being forced to choose between playing hots or playing with my friends. Thanks blizzard!


Every new Hero always had very high queue time on the first week of release, getting faster as time passes on (for some took a few weeks while others was just a matter of days).

Imperius was waited for years by the community so picking him few days after release and you are granted a tremendous wait time.
The size of your actual party doesn’t matter much (this time) if you got Imperius picked.


My point was that this was happening before imperius came out.

And people say quality discourse is dead on these dead forums.


And ofc a forum troll upvoted that guy like its normal to do that kind of stuff here.

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A Forum Troll?


Truly a rare species

They want Axe!?


Did you do this on purpose so you can have the new record of necro’ing a 4 year old thread?

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I didn’t necro, but I can see why you think so. A poster named Kross posted, and you can see I quoted them in my reply.

As they used bad language in their post, I think the mods deleted it, so now it looks like I’m talking to myself, which isn’t all that unusual.


But the thread is still relevant till this day IMO

Oh oops! I sort of skimmed when I saw the date, and didn’t realize what was going on. My bad.

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A poster seemed to be tracing OP I can only assume from something in game to fill them in on something they posted 4 years ago.

Post rightly got removed.


Just another 0 post account that only logged in to write the B word to OP

5 stacks dont have 30 min wait time today as they had when topic was made. They get games pretty fast now cause all the groupe rules was lifted.


That’s the time we wonder why there are no 'matchmaking is broken" mega thread? Maybe because we learn it all after 50 games…

always have been broken, last night ive ran into 5 stacks aka “elitist pre made team” against us 4 of my clueless team melted down right away in less than 6 mins… that IS broken what blizzard cannot see that, so after the game ended and checked their profile “They are in party with someone etc…” got me big disappointed, checked their winning streaks record oh my lord… its def broken system. I know that I can tell their body languages which means they are in 5 stacks, i can immediatly alt-f4 and play a different game for a while then come back, thats what i do. Good game…, great design… this made me concerns about diablo 4… pvp… oh man PLEASE for the love of god dont add pre made team in diablo 4 pvp, add solo or pre made options when entering the pvp zone or if they are planning to add quickmatch, please please add 2 options of solo que and pre made que… plain simple, add it to HOTS too