Matchmaking broken for 3 years

Been playing matchmaking for a long time, I can say without a doubt its completely broken.

When you return from taking a break, by the time you are good again you end up in bronze 5. Once in bronze 5 you are forced to play with the most ridiculous mix of excellent, terrible and random trolls, racist or players who think its ok to play ranked and sit in a lane.

Unfortunately as you get farther into bronze 5 you get less and less for a win/loss. What this actually does is turn bronze 5 into my guess is over 50% of the player base. There’s actually a HUGE number of players there with wildly different skills.

You are punished for improving. How you ask? As you play better and better you will find you end up getting matched with players from very deep bronze 5 (~200 rank points) these players are SO bad its absolutely impossible to carry the game. In other words the game is like hey his win rate is above 50% and we need to grab some other players from bronze 3-5. So in order to make it “even” you as a rising star end up with the trash from deep bronze 5. Since its only half a rank below you the game I assume thinks, no problem thats fair.

HOTS makes no distinction between players either, I’ll end up with racist non-participants a lot. This often means a loss simply because you are “evenly” matched if your lucky enough not to suffer from the above.

Whoever thought this rank system works, has no idea how math statistics or competitive rank systems work. In an era where there are multiple triple A games on the market in this genre, to get this offering from Blizzard is beyond unacceptable. Please give that person another job and hire someone from smite/dota/lol.

Everyone complains about rank systems but I’ve played the others, I could at least improve and rise in rank. Its impossible now, how retarded is that. There’s absolutely no way I’m just as bad as I was 3 years ago, doesn’t matter how terrible you think I might be. Maybe I’m no Masters player, but certainly better than B5. I’ve noticed that once I hit 52%-55% win rate the games starts giving me 1-2 DEEP B5 players to even the game out.

I hope someone at blizzard actually reads this, and I’m sorry for the wall of text, but I have no idea how else to explain what this feels like to play. I really like this game but its hard to describe how bad ranked matches feel to play.

WHY do I have to play with someone that is AFK ALL GAME. Has 200 rank points in bronze 5 on my B3 game, then texts me after the game and says “I can play anyway I like even if it means being AFK.” Its a RANKED GAME, competitive TEAM play. This is not his fault, its YOU BLIZZARD. There should be a category for him so he can play with other people like him, I’m 1000000% sure he has 100’s of complaints against him, so its easy to see the difference between us.



The game is died several years ago, just don´t put your hopes too high. Blizz has more important thing in mind right now, HotS is not one of them, is just the residual game.


Bad news for you bro, it doesn’t get better in diamond. I got matched with diamond players who clearly had no place there and yet they were diamond rank.
Dropped from d3 to plat3 almost in 2 days.
I’m uninstalling this, you should do the same. Uninstall all blizzard games, let them have the noobs, there are other games out there that properly reward skill.

The ranking system really doesn’t make any sense. If I stop playing and just skip a season. Then come back and dio placements I’ll place 5 or more tanks higher then when I stopped. Yet if I grind at the game I will super slowly climb down the ranking system. At least when I solo que. Also if I play casually like a few games a week I’ll slowly climb up. And if I hand pick a team of 5 of my friends I climb decently fast like a 70% win rate. It makes no sense to me. Besides the hand picked team part.

Another thing it’s there really doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between a lot of the ranks. People like to act like there is. It doesn’t seem like there is much of a difference till you get to masters and up. Besides that you see the same mistakes at every rank.

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It makes perfect sense. You get 70% win rate because your risk of getting an AFK, troll or feeder just decreased to zero. (Though you will still lose ~30% due to better opponents)

And when you queue as 5 with decent players, those AFK’s, trolls and feeders can only be on the enemy team, never yours.

When you queue alone, you (as 1 of the 5 players) represent 20% of the team. You have an 80% risk of getting a player who refuses to play, simply disconnects, afks, feeds or decides to troll your team in other ways.


All this is right, then you add in the fact this game matches 2-5 man premades against randoms and the odds of you getting said troll just increases that much more.

I agree the ranking system is trash, but there are absolutely no “rising stars” stuck in Bronze 5.

Players are already getting boosted and the match making is screwing up the ranks so bad nowadays. golds and diamonds never belong in teh same party.

Matchmaking is probably not as bad as it seems. It’s just being manipulated on such a large scale that it is effectively useless. If everyone had only one account, I bet the ranking system would work quite well.

I don’t think any game in history has been as damaged by boosting as HotS, though as I type this, I can see Overwatch in the corner booth with that “HMB look” in its eye…

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Well when they fix matching then sure. I am down to diamond 3 and got matched against 2 upper level grand masters. Like there is nothing balanced about that at all.

I’m going to be honest. Sometimes the best thing to do is sit in a lane. lol