Malthael is fun to play now?


Now if you read any of my posts… you know I hate Match making in terms of MMR not the new compositions aka tank+healer, however with the new comps in QM, does anyone else find Malthael really fun to play all of a sudden? I love knowing that I’m going into a game with not only a healer playing Mal but also a tank and that the enemy team will have a beefy tank as a well and no longer just 5 squishy assassins.


I found him funny from day one and still does. One of my top favs.


Even though he is fun (love that cleave), he needs some work on his talents and a usefull second heroic.


no, after that non-sense rework he is still the most boring to play hero in the game.

bring back malthael, bring back the angel of death pls.


They should give him a new heroic, resurrect but on the spot he died and not in base and remove tormented souls since its the worst heroic in the game. With this remove his lvl 20 resurrect since it will Always be the go to the way it is now.


Seriously, what is the point of the Tormented Soul again? It literally does nothing.

Also, Mathael has a weak Lv20 talent. The Resurrection is the only worth to take no matter what.


need rework only q its only bulid that works kinda


Malthael is a bad lunara, and he isn’t fun to play at all.

His DOT should be more IMPACTFULL, take lunara, dot someone three times, and see.

Take malthael, dot someone, and voila you can’t stack it. He need a Rework, one of his ultimate is useless.


Curtain gives Malthael some serious zoning with his E ability and Angel of Death makes you heal all of your health back if it execute the target at low health while making your Last Rite dangerous end game.


TS is not a bad Heroic, just lost a lot of its power since the addition of the cleave AA. But it’s still a good tool to spread your trait to a lot of ppl in a short duration of time. It can reveal stealth Heroes (something he can’t really do reliably otherwise) and it is the only way to fully draw out the potential of his unstoppable talent (having a lot of marks, popping unstoppable, using all of your marks, pop TS to gain them back immediately).

But I want some small buff to TS as well, because I know too that these things I mentioned don’t worth to give up LR most the times.

But I just had a brawl with my friend who picked Malthael and he couldn’t get enough marks for sustain before the enemy blew him up with Hanzo+Fenix+Mephisto while two Mishas chained stun him. I wondered how then I realised he picked LR. Rare situation when TS would be completely better (and not because of the only-brawl double Rexxar, with a Diablo or Malganis this would be the same).

(Sidenote: oh and all of his lvl 20 talents are good.)


ya… theres some holes in your logic there. because they are definitely different heroes for different things.

malthael is not a ranged dps and usually you want to pick him as your solo laner. malthael also has a lot better ability to cap the camps and clear out large waves of mercs if he has to. luna can usually only deal with the siege mercs and if there is a large wave that comes at her it can give her some trouble.


so he is good for pve right ? Awesome then :joy_cat:


Malthael was forever destroyed in the day he got reworkd.
I will allways miss may favorite and only melee assassin.
That said with a tank and a healer on your team you can at least play whatever is left of him


i just played a game with malth where the team drafted Diablo, Sonya, and Artanis. so we drafted Leo and Malthael. it was so much fun killing them all game. :laughing:


NOTHING CAN STOP DEATH ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


No, he’s too squishy and his damage tickles most Heroes. He’s been overnerfed.


The cleave made him dull (brain-dead mark spreading and also took too much value out of TS) and forced Blizzard to totally ruin his original and neat tank-melting design because of it, while turning him into a lane troll that goes OOM as if his mana was made out of spiders, so he is trying to get rid of it asap.
Would be nice if Blizzard removed it and gave him a counter-buff in response!


It is a good decision for me to stop playing Malthael. I bought him with the gold and after a few games with AI, I am not even sure whether I should try to “master” him before I go to play him at QM.

But this thread finally opened my eyes, that I should stop focusing on him and play other better heroes.


Okay, I do agree with the comments about him being weak in terms of his “job” as a tank destroyer. I do remember him being able to shred beefy hp characters… now not so much, however he can still do a decent job of it… there’s just better heroes that fill that role. I think he’s one of the best lane bullies, obviously not on par with zagara or thrall but still a great presence in a lane.

I just think he’s fun now and I’ve seen my win rate with him spike since the changes. My win rate is still terrible with him :sweat:


For me he feels like a super minion. Ugly design, only overbuffed stats can save useless hero from pathethic design.