Major Issues since Moving

Ive been playing the game for years with no issues outside the norm. But since moving 2 weeks ago, suddenly I am constantly getting kicked out of voice chat, but much worse, I’m getting random server errors that count as disconnects. In the last week I have had FIVE minimum situations where the search seems to find an opponent team, but my teammates tell me we never get to the draft room.

I get stuck in a draft room with no one and it never ends or errors out, i have to force close the game, and counts this as a disconnect.

As a result- I’ve had to spend hours and hours over the last couple weeks playing QM’s to get out of the damage done by technical and server issues.

I’ve tried basic trouble shooting like deleting my programfiles cache, scan & repair, complete uninstall and reinstall, none of those seem to help.

Process of elimination at this point would indicate this has to be a router/port issue right? That’s one thing I haven’t messed with since I am a guest in the new home and don’t have control of the router.

What has to be done to correct this mess and all this wasted time?

Hey Krono,

When moving to new places and having issues such as this most times it is the firewall or router set up. If you are able to talk to the owner and they can help, you will want to follow this article here.

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Ive tried that, just got disconnected AGAIN for a server error and given a penalty of needing to win FOUR QM or ARAMS, when you factor in losses, thats literally HOURS of lost time.

Can you PLEASE fix my status and remove that??? Please I am so tired of wasting hours and hours of gameplay when I only want to play ranked.