Maiev's Fan of Knives doesn't cast where cursor is


Sometimes if Maiev immediately presses Fan of Knives after teleporting with Spirit of Vengeance, she will cast it at max range towards where she teleported from, regardless of where the cursor is pointing.

I play with quick cast on fan of knives and I’ve had this happen in multiple ARAM games recently. I never experienced this until a week or so ago.
I made a video to show it happen 3 times within 2 minutes.

I couldn’t replicate it in try mode, but I can do it pretty reliably in normal games. I’m having to force myself to wait half a second after I teleport before I press q so it actually casts where I’m aiming.


This is in most cases not a bug, but rather a conflict of early casting/queuing.

If abilities are queued, they cast in the relative direction of your ORIGINAL queueing. They do not update for your new position after a teleport. You will find this to be the case with most to all teleports and similar abilities.

What may be happening here, is that you have Fan of Knives queued to fire off based on your first position when you want to be holding onto that until you complete the teleport and are in your new location.

Thanks for the report!


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