Lost rankpoints even tho another one dodged

Hey, I prepicked Cho, another player prepicked gal. 4 seconds left, was about to login somebody dodged and i was notified about leaving because of inactivity. How can this happen? is this a hero i shouldnt pick at all? Again, i prepicked something so this shouldn’t happen, right?

It`s kinda unfair and i was just asking myself if this is normal or something unusual happened?

edit: would have just opened a ticket but i don’t think this would do anything … and the management of making a ticket is so limited or unintuitive

See the Blizzard response below:

Are you sure 1 player didn’t lock on your round as you had Cho and your friend had Gall prepicked?

Because if they did, you will get the penalty. You are not allowed to keep Cho or Gall prepicked if someone already picked on your turn and nobody else is hovering or picking a hero.

I think this awsner is fair enough. Gall changing and instapick a different character would explain it I guess, must have been like that. Sorry for the pointless Thread.

Not pointless at all. It pops up about once a month. If someone googles this thread: The best way to avoid leaver penalty is instantly locking Gall or Cho with your friend.