Lose keyboard and mouse input


Twice already this week I was unable to interact with the game using keyboard or mouse. I was tabbed out both times and the game had just gone into drafting for hero league. The game did not crash or hang, people were selecting heroes normally, but I could not do that or type into chat. The impression I got was that there was an invisible window on top. I tried tabbing out, Win-Tab and selecting the hots window, closing other applications, nothing worked.

So 3 questions:
1 - has anyone experienced something similar?
2 - is there a work-around?
3 - any chance I can appeal the rank points lost and penalty strikes due to this issue?


Hello kov!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with game inputs… on Windows, usually I see these issues associated with interference from overlay or video capture tools.

If you’re in Windows 10, please check this built-in feature:

Disabling Game DVR on Windows 10

To address interference from other programs in the background, the most direct thing to do is reboot into a ‘light’ mode where only the bare essential programs are running:

Closing Background Applications

After rebooting into this mode, please retry running the Battle.net app and playing as you normally would.

Then if the game works correctly, you can refer back to the article for advanced steps on figuring out which program is interfering.

Best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile: