Looking for some friends or a team, few nights a week!

Title pretty much says it all : ) hit me up and see if we click. i’m easy going and can fill most roles. just don’t like ragers when they die or lose



Depending on what server you’re on, there are some people on the forums who have Hots Discords, try asking around they are a pretty friendly bunch.


I don’t feel I’ve been unfriendly, but if you say so I guess it’s true.

Ohmaguh so rude and obnoxious I like can’t even right now!


I am not calling you unfriendly. Just that others on this forum, especially in a certain discord, are not so friendly.

I hope you don’t take it personally.

I thought the way I quoted my post, people would get I’m not talking about the person I replied to, but I guess people can take it how they want.

Oh well.

nope I was taking the piss out of the entire thing
friendliness is purely subjective as I’ve learned the hard way… now these days if I offend someone I tend not to care

starting to wonder if it’s a curse actually…

undondory replied to minky. They tend to use hyperbole/exaggeration to try to indicate they’re not serious about the post.

It’s not a ‘curse’, it’s just willful neglect: people effectively choose to shut others out and ‘take offense’ at stuff that doesn’t suit their particular set of antisocial habits. Lotta people don’t bother to meet their neighbors, make friends, and instead substitute that stuff with twitch/youtube/wathever living vicariously though someone else’s social interactions

Well that’s some nightmare fuel right there!

I didn’t, and I hope you don’t take this personally, but can we have one nice thread that doesn’t get derailed with unneeded and unwarranted negativity? The OP is just looking for people to game with, can we not always court the critical?

may as well pretend I linked to that “Come play with us” twins meme again :wink:

@OP looks like you also tried the LFG section of the forums. Discord communities flagged for HotS are more likely to be active than the forums, and a place to potentially find people that play the game. One or two have been plugged here before (one for organized play) and I haven’t joined any myself that I’d find at disboard.org or discord.me (places that list discord channels with public tags) so I can’t vouch for how accurate or active any of them may be.

lol i ask for some homies to play with and i see these massive discussions about whether or not people are friendly, i don’t know i haven’t really read it all but cool cool, welp cya later i guess

Sure. I can do that.

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hence why I ignore, I find it irritating that I have to follow certain rules of etiquette that really shouldn’t exist whilst the other side get to do whatever they want.
So really, I’m done with the whole hypocrite thing, treat me as I treat you. end of.
… were you a psychology student at some point? I’ve seen you frequently make lengthy paragraphs with various topics of the mind; I would find examples but I’m lazy and can’t be bothered.
IF SO please continue I’m effectively taking a course that I’ve not had the grades to take whenever I read your replies

that’s just stalking with extra steps

No. The required credit I used a pysch class to meet was taken 18 years ago. My degree is in narrative: business writing, literary theory, ludology (study of games). I’m more like a philosophy major that didn’t actually major in philosophy, and a hefty part of my perspective on ‘life’ is influenced by theatre and years of working customer service.

However, I think I have some sort of anti-aura color and people tend to assume, or react toward, an opposite of what I say or do. Effectively, people tend to think I’m some sort of constant-clown – if I’m angry/sad/distraught that’s just part of the ‘act’ – so I’ve put in a lot of time into perspective, interpretation, and communication to try to offset how people respond to me with what I actually attempt to convey, esp at times when I actually need help in life.

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