Looking for Ranked Players or Team

Whats up guys im looking for some people interested in playing ranked matches. I started Bronze 1 and solo q’d down to bronze 5. I dont want a carry i just want a competent team who wins and loses together. I play all roles (brightwing, malganis, garrosh, etc, lunara, jaina, leoric and more…) and own all characters. I will join an already made team or start one on my own. It can be more than 5 people as well as we will not all be online at once. ONE requirement, We win and lose together. No toxic nonsense. I assure you I can carry my weight. Voice comms preferred (no mic necessary). If you are interested my contacts are below and I already have a discord set up.

btag - Louisianimal#11492
louisianimal - #0569

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if you dont find someone here you can easily find people of your level in general chat or looking for group chat in-game.

Saddly, im in high plat so i would not be able to play with you because of the league restriction.

Greetings we are a duo in a very similar situation, we grind ranked and quick almost every day ill write you in chat when i see you online to plan for a few matches together we have all the cualities and behaviour you mentioned tough we get a little noisy at times.
Be seeing ya in the nexus our battle tags.
Asmodel #11976 and/or Blue9Falcon #1417.

Hi, if you play in EU, i’m game


I am in a similar situation…
I play EU.
Favorit heros: azmodan, lili, guldan, butch,ragna and murdin.