Logout account name not being saved



Unsure if this is technical support or a bug but anyway. Lately when you logout of the game it no longer saves your login email which allowed for quick logins etc. Sometimes it comes back for a day then it disappears again and its just tedious having to constantly retype in the login email etc. Is this just a bug that will be fixed eventually or anything? i feel its not meant to be happening as it occasionally works.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


try this:

  • completely close battle.net

  • press Windows key + R

    • type %appdata% and press ok
    • (you should be in (/Appdata/Roaming) delete Battle.net folder
    • bar at the top that shows your location go up two folder levels to the Appdata folder.
    • go to the Local folder
    • delete Battle.net, Blizzard, and Blizzard Entertainment


I am unsure if this worked or if the patch fixed it. Anyway i did what you suggested and it now saves the login email. Problem now is when i put my password in the game freezes. I have tried deleting the battle.net folder and all that again and it doesnt fix the issue.


if it is saving your email now then go ahead and mark it solved. likely you had some files in those folders that were not good and deleting them allowed it to be regenerated with new files.

your new issue of freezing on your password is a whole other issue. so you should open another thread for it.