Log in button greyed out

I got a new computer so I reinstalled the Bnet app and Heroes.

However, the log in button for the US server is always greyed out when I try to log in via the Heroes app (I can only login via Bnet app). The log in button works fine if I switch to the EU or Asia server.

I tried repairing the client and reinstalling the client and it has not fixed the issue.

Same issue, not a new PC, game was reinstalled not too long ago. Tried everything but watering my PC to resolve said issue

Soo, did you solve it?
If yes, how?

Having the same issue but for America and Asia , the log in button is greyed out but for Europe, I can click it. The only way to access different servers is to completely close the game, login to the battle net app, and then select the regions there.

Is there any fix to this outside of having to close the game and use the battle.net app every single time?